B2B Marketing Execution Assessment: 10 Best Practices

We're rolling out a new Marketing Execution Assessment this week.  As we were putting the final touches on it, I ran across a great list of 10 Best Practices for Campaign Planning and Execution from our friends and partner, The Pedowitz Group.

Before you hit GO on your next program, make sure you are following these 10 rules:

Rule #1: Plan from your target’s perspective. Start by segmenting your audience, then figure out the set of marketing activities that will move them through the funnel. Don’t plan around your product suite or business units.

Rule #3: Find a recipe that works. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time – figure out the right set of activities that drive action. Then just change up the messaging and content and keep reusing that flow.

Rule #5: All targets are not created equal. Buying behavior may change by industry, title, role, etc. Even if it doesn’t, you should still segment so you can personalize the messages.

Rule #6: I will always pay more attention when I hear my own name. The more personalization you can work into your messaging, the better.

These are 4 of my favorites and ones we live by here at ReachForce.  Be sure to check out the other 6 rules here.

Knowing who already lives in your database is a good place to start.  We'll help clean up and augment (for segmentation) 1000 of those contacts for FREE.

There's no risk, get started now.

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