B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #15 - Everything I Know About B2B Blogging I Learned from Perez

B2B marketers love Perez

Love him or hate him, but Perez Hilton knows blogging. He’s parlayed his celebrity juice blog into one of the most highly visited blogs on the Internet and transformed himself into a minor celebrity. I confess I too follow his blog to read his snarky updates on people whose lives seem infinitely more interesting than my own. And, I’ve picked up a number of techniques along the way that I use in my role as a B2B Marketer. Here are a few highlights:

Let me info-tain you. Today’s audiences want a hefty dose of entertainment with their information. Let’s face it, with all of the noise on the Internet and the myriad of sources spewing content our way; it’s difficult to capture attention without being outrageous, humorous, or at least somewhat entertaining. It’s more challenging to pull this off in the business world. Can you imagine pulling some of the stunts Perez is known for? Still, it pays to have some fun with your blog and take a few risks.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you are going to “make some noise” and get visibility in the blogosphere, you better expect to attract criticism and jokes at your expense. So, it’s important that you don’t take yourself too seriously, have some fun, roll with the punches…. If you do it right, you might even get Farked! Trust me, this isn’t a bad thing. Check out some of the comments made in response to my latest viral marketing campaign - http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2729832.

Push some buttons. Notice how Perez engages his readers by reaching out to them to comment on his images or stories or pushing their buttons? Even better – he actually asks them to contribute to his content by coming up with celebrity Uni-Names—a personal favorite. And, let’s face it, he’s the master of stirring up a flurry of controversy which can be the tipping point for instant blog visibility. In the blogosphere, being opinionated pays big! So, if one of your posts sets off a firestorm of flames, don’t get mad, get famous.

Got any favorite Perez moments to share? Maybe a B2B Uni-Name you’ve coined like Funnelnomics? Send ‘em our way!

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