B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #14 – Dust Off Your Algebra Texts

MarketingExperiments.com (MEC) has the equation for boosting your email and landing page conversion rates. They call it the MEC conversion index:

C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-F) – 2A
“The probability of conversion (C) is a function of the buyer’s motivation (M), how strong our value proposition (V) is, and the combination of friction (F) and incentive (I) elements that make up our registration process, further mitigated by any anxiety (A) experienced by the customer during the process.”

I attended a really intriguing MarketingExperiments.com webinar last week called “Landing Page Optimization: How Businesses Achieve Breakthrough Conversion by Synchronizing Value Proposition and Page Design” where they discussed this formula and critiqued a number of landing pages to illustrate their points.

Big Takeaways: You can boost your landing page conversion rates substantially by highlighting a concise value proposition that clearly communicates why your ideal prospect should buy from you versus your competition. And, include a very compelling call to action that is consistent with that value proposition. What’s more, you can reduce friction or anxiety—a leading cause of site flow disruption—by ensuring every aspect of your landing page makes sense and supports your value proposition. That means your graphics, photographs, copy, flow, and anything else on the page should all work together to inspire the confidence of your visitor and not disrupt him/her by triggering anxiety. For example, if you are promoting a free trial of a security product, make sure your landing page is designed to communicate that your company is a secure, stable, trustworthy organization and don’t highlight graphics of payment methods which is incongruous with the “free trial” offer.

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