B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #12 - Six Principles of Subject Line Writing

Subject Lines are like first impressions. When an email comes in, most email providers are set up to show you who the message is coming from and the brief subject of the message. As you are writing subject lines for your demand generation programs, make sure your message includes the following 6 principles –

  • Be Informative – Be sure to convey something important, valuable or timely
  • Create Intrigue – Prompt your reader to open and act on the email immediately
  • Build Trust – Be sure not to over promise or mislead your prospects
  • Call to Action – Make it easy for your prospects to act on the call to action
  • Understand who you are targeting – Speak to each prospect as an individual and address their pain points
  • From who? – Subject lines can work with From Lines

I just recently heard a new best practice – subject lines should be no longer than 6 words. Do you think this is because so many people are getting email on mobile devices?

Are we missing anything here? Post a comment to add to the list.

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