B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #10 - Integrate Social Media into Your B2B Marketing Mix

Are you a Marketing Communications professional or a Marketing Conversations professional? Find out by reading this manifesto just published by Brian Solis a Principal of the FutureWorks PR agency. In my opinion, this is an excellent primer on Social Media to help B2B Marketers expand beyond the traditional one-way communications monologue. It provides a nice overview of the tools and techniques B2B Marketers can use to initiate conversations with their target audiences including this tidbit:

“What does the future of communications look like?
First it’s an understanding that social media is about sociology and less about technology. It’s a mashup of new and traditional media that spans across advertising, PR, customer service, marcom, sales, and community relations. In order to succeed now and in the future, is to bridge the gap between early adopters and everyone else.Now, however, it’s about conversations, and the best communicators start as the best listeners.Participation is marketing.”

Check it out at http://www.thinkfreedocs.com/docs/view.php?dsn=819339

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