Are You Operating on Bad Data for Lead Generation?

Data is a powerful tool for marketers, so it would stand to reason that marketers would take every possible precaution to assure that their data was complete and accurate. According to SiriusDecisions, between 10 - 25% of B2B marketing database contacts contain critical errors. What is the current situation in data marketing, and what will it take to turn the tide?

How Incomplete and Inaccurate is Most Marketing Data?

In a typical B2B organization, 25% of the marketing database contained incomplete data, inaccurate data, or both. This is due to questionable email addresses that affect marketing automation results and email deliverability. Some records lack important industry data or data on the leads' company revenue and other firmographics. If you are finding that your organization is struggling with these types of data quality issues, you may want to consider options for a data quality and enrichment solution.

How Does This Affect the Marketing Efforts?


Data Cleansing and enriching the data makes it valuable, not just for contacting leads, but also when developing marketing campaigns.


Lead generation is time consuming and expensive. To build a database only to learn that the leads are unusable because data is missing or is just outright incorrect is devastating to a marketing campaign. The emails sent out to these leads are undeliverable. No one from your organization is able to reach out to these leads by phone. In many cases, records within marketing databases are duplicated, meaning marketers think they have far more leads than they actually do.

But inaccurate and missing data doesn't just corrupt the marketer's ability to reach leads, it can potentially corrupt an entire marketing campaign. For instance, the campaign is developed under the assumption that you understand who your target audience is, what their shared characteristics are, what pain points you are trying to address with the campaign, and what your target audience needs in terms of your messages -- when the data is wrong, the entire campaign is going to be completely off track from the beginning.

But the study also had a bright spot. Marketing databases that used robust data management solutions could improve their database quality by as much as 120 to 170 percent over those databases that aren't leveraging any type of data management solution.

What Can Be Done to Correct and Complete the Marketing Data?

Is your marketing database full of incomplete or corrupted information? Is duplicate data causing you to believe you have generated more leads than you actually have? If so, there is a solution. You can enlist the help of ReachForce for data enrichment solutions. With the right tools in place, you can scrub and cleanse your marketing database so that you're working of accurate and complete information when you launch a new marketing campaign.

Additionally, ReachForce can help you develop smart, innovative landing pages so that the data you glean online is full of useful information and high-quality leads. ReachForce specializes in B2B data management solutions, which are much different than those employed by B2C. The ReachForce solution is designed to meet your unique needs, challenges, and situations.

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