Are you Marketing to any of these People? 93 Movers & Shakers Causing Unknown Amounts of Dirty Data

Checked my email this morning and along with my weekly Linkedin update I got an email telling me that 93 of my connections changed jobs in 2010.  WOW!

Of course with pictures of all my friends right there in the email (see below) I was curious.  Yep, turns out, lots of new jobs. A few just changed roles within the same company but most are at a new job altogether.

Seeing this made me think of my friends at ReachForce.  If I had this many friends change jobs last year, imagine how many contacts in your marketing database are now wrong and out of date?  No wonder our response rates are suffering.

If you are now wondering how many people in your marketing leads database changed jobs in 2010,  ReachForce can tell you.  Skeptical?  Here's a free trial for a 1000 contact data cleanse.  I bet you'll be shocked at the results.

Screen shot 2011-02-09 at 11.41.39 AM

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