Are They Signing Up or Signing Out? 5 Ways to Increase Conversions

Online lead generation is a major priority for small B2B marketing professionals. In fact, it's more important than brand awareness as a goal for many firms. By focusing on core principles of marketing, companies can increase online lead generation and increase the quality of the leads they generate. These key principles include understanding the audience thoroughly, developing and documenting a content marketing strategy, gathering data and paying attention to metrics, and making modifications to the strategy based on what the analytics say. Here are 5 ways to increase conversions on your website and improve lead generation.

1. Design Your Website for Effective Lead Capture and Analytics

Your overall website design must be sound, with easy navigation, a clean look, content optimized for search engines, and responsive design so your site looks great on mobile devices as well as ordinary computers. Your calls to action should be clear, whether you want visitors to download a brochure, read case studies, or request information. Visitors should understand exactly what they will receive when they complete an opt-in form on a landing page. You should understand your page analytics, so you can see what works best, modify what isn't working, and perform effective and accurate A/B testing on different designs.

2. Validate Form Errors Before Visitors Click the Call to Action Button

No visitor wants to fill out a form and click on a call to action button only to receive an error message. You can avoid this by making clear which fields in your opt-in form are required and which are optional. If a phone number must be entered without a dash, specify that. Instant error validation allows your page to display error messages as soon as a field is completed, so visitors can correct errors before clicking. This provides a friendlier user experience and prevents the frustration of filling out an entire form only to get an error message and have to repeat the process.

3. Have Outsiders Vouch for Your Credibility

Testimonials and quotes from third parties put visitors at ease on your landing pages. People are naturally skeptical when all a company's glowing accolades come from the company itself. There are many ways to use third party testimonials. Some sites display various client logos, others include client quotes, while others may list industry awards or ratings from analyst agencies. When you have third parties validate your credibility, it carries more weight with the new visitor, who wants assurance that you are trustworthy.

4. Make Landing Page Graphics Relevant to Your Business

Ideally, the graphics on your landing page should be specific to your business rather than being generic. Your header graphics and sidebar images should speak to what your company does, so the visitor is subtly reminded of why he's there the whole time he's on your landing page. You could, for example, have a high quality photo of a professional reading what is clearly your free e-book on a tablet. A generic landing page that could be for any business isn't very reassuring to a visitor, and may look thrown together.

5. Maximize Value of the Data Collected by Opt-In Forms

Online lead generation doesn't mean much when the quality of the leads themselves is questionable. The data your opt-in forms collect should be of high quality for this type of lead generation to be worthwhile. While you could make forms lengthy and detailed, even interested parties have limits to how much time they're willing to invest just to read a case study or download a report. Real-time data enrichment appends data to what a visitor enters, and verifies that data against hundreds of millions of records that are regularly cleansed and updated. This gives you the maximum amount of high quality lead data without your having to try visitors' patience by presenting them with overly detailed opt-in forms.


Increasing conversions requires sound online lead generation practices. Your entire site should support lead generation by providing high quality, fresh content, by being updated when analytics point up problems, and by creating lead generation forms that aren't overwhelming and collect high quality data.

High quality data is the fuel that powers your marketing efforts, helping you maximize return on your marketing investment. SmartForms by ReachForce is a real-time data enrichment solution that automatically appends opt-in form data from cleansed, current records, saving visitors time, and saving you the hassle of having to manually validate data. It's the most powerful, accurate way to enrich leads so you can nurture and manage them effectively, sooner. Find out more by checking out our demo or signing up for a free trial. See for yourself how much more powerful your online lead generation efforts can be.

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