Adopt Marketing Automation and Give Your Company That Personal Touch

Customers strongly prefer personalized companies that are warm and welcoming, as opposed to the cold, corporate persona characteristic of many businesses. For businesses to continue to be successful, they need to offer their customers a level of personalization and care that exceeds their competitors. Marketing automation software can help you create a more welcoming feel for your business, so even large companies can feel small and approachable.

Use Big Data to Make Your Company More Human

With big data analytics, you can gain insights into your customer base that will allow your business to respond specifically to their needs. It allows you to customize your business model and customer service approach to align with the needs of customers, which will naturally make your brand seem more approachable.

You Can Connect with Customers More Regularly

By failing to respond to customer concerns, you risk presenting your brand as cold, corporatized, and uncaring. With marketing automation, you can automate responses to customers, so every concern is responded to punctually.

Focus on Your Content

Blogging is your opportunity to represent your brand, communicate directly with an audience, and create a specific persona for your company. With blogs that are warm and friendly, while also being informative, you can drastically improve the image of your company. Marketing automation software allows you to track your analytics from blog posts, so you can gain a better understanding of the types of content your customers want to read.

Utilize Media

Interactive media, such as webinars, live Q&A's, and interactive videos, can engage your audience on a deeper level and keep them involved in your company. Use your company data to help you make informed decisions regarding the types of media that customers want. By engaging with customers in real-time, you not only seem more personable, but you significantly increase the engagement of customers and generate a buzz around your business.

You Can Segment Your Marketing Approach

If you're wondering how to make your company appear more human, one way is to get to know your customers. When a customer feels understood and validated by a company, they automatically feel more connected, thus increasing customer engagement. With marketing automation software, you can segment the data of your customers based on demographic information and spending habits.

With this information, you can create custom ads, each of which appeal to the specific desires of the customer. If customers are continually receiving advertisements for products they have no interest in, they'll quickly learn the company has little interest in getting to know them as people. However, if the ad pitches in their inbox appeal to their specific interests, they'll feel heard, validated, and will be more likely to spend money.

Marketing automation With segmented data, you can send promotions based on spending habits.

Utilize Social Media

Just as the name suggests, social media is a social tool, and engaging on a variety of social media platforms can help your brand appear more personable, while furthering your interaction with customers. Marketing automation allows you to automate social media updates, comment responses, and postings, so you can stay more connected to your social media channels.

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