A Profile of Today’s Revenue Marketer

I think we can all agree that B2B Marketing isn’t what it used to be.  Job descriptions look different, expectations aren’t what they used to be and management is now demanding measureable ROI too?

So what does today’s revenue marketer really look like?  Thanks to our partner, The Pedowitz Group, I didn’t have to look very far.  They have a GREAT whitepaper titled Profile of a Revenue Marketer: Fulfilling the New Revenue Obligation.

This is a quick read and definitely worth your time.

If you are looking to add a smart B2B marketer to you team, you NEED to read this.
If you are trying to define roles in your B2B marketing team, you NEED to read this.
If you already are a revenue marketer and you are looking to update your Linkedin profile you should read this too.

Debbie Qaqish, Chief Revenue Officer & Principal Partner, at The Pedowitz Group says, “The role of the Revenue Marketer is actually not one job – it is a group of competencies that can be segmented into five key roles.”

  • VP of Marketing Revenue - This position will manage a lead funnel and will be able to envision effective campaigns with all of the necessary elements. They must have a deep understanding of their market and their buyers. The ability to read prospects’’ digital body language and effectively create campaigns for pipeline and revenue impact are key competencies.
  • Business Analyst - Numbers do not lie. The Business Analyst should be the person on your team dedicated to assessing the impact of each campaign on your bottom line.
  • Power User/Campaign Executioner - The Power User/Campaign Executioner should be detail-oriented and application oriented. The most important qualification of the role is the ability to understand the application and use it effectively.
  • Creative for Revenue - This position requires a strong background in creative and the ability to conceptualize what will invite prospects to take the next step with your organization.
  • Demand Generation Content Chief - Content is king in the world of demand generation. The ability to communicate in the digital world through the offer of high value content is the core of many successful campaigns.

Again, this summary is just a few highlights from this great whitepaper.  Get the full 8 page profile of today's Revenue Marketer.

Once you've read the the full paper, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on our new roles as B2B Marketers.  For me personally, I like the change.  I like knowing and being able to show that what I do everyday directly impacts our business.

For now, back to juggling my 5 revenue roles...

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