9 Reasons Email Marketing Should Be Your Priority in 2016

For businesses looking to ramp up their marketing efforts in the coming year, email marketing should be a primary focus. Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy that can produce countless leads and generate a high ROI. Here are some of the main benefits that email marketing provides.

1. Emails have high open rates. With high open rates, you can increase the chances that each email will generate a new lead. Open rates largely depend on the title of the email, so be sure to craft enticing subject lines.

2. Emails are engaging. Brevity is critical for emails. They should be short, sweet, and to the point if you hope to captivate your audience quickly. By making emails interactive through the use of videos, graphics, and surveys, you can make them even more engaging to customers.

3. It's easy to segment your customers. The key to enrapturing your viewers is by marketing directly to their interests. By segmenting your customers, you can send different marketing pitches to different groups of people depending on their unique hobbies. With marketing automation software, you can easily categorize your customer data based on distinct interests, so you can send emails to the groups that will be most receptive.

4. Everybody's doing it. If you want to remain competitive, you need to be utilizing the same tactics as competitors in order to reach the same audience. About 73 percent of all marketers have an email marketing strategy, so those who still don't utilize email marketing are likely to fall behind.

5. It drives traffic to your website. Emails are an easy way to bring more traffic to your website. By including a call to action that links to your site, you will increase the likelihood of leads, while boosting conversions.

6. It's easy and painless. Email marketing is one of the easiest aspects of marketing and it doesn't need to be time-consuming. Marketing automation software can make it even more efficient, while improving the effectiveness, so you can send more emails in less time.

7. It's a cheap way to earn money. Email marketing costs very little to implement, while offering the potential for big returns. By focusing on a clear and attractive design, optimally placed links, and an engaging headline, you can improve your conversion rate significantly.

8. Consumers check their email constantly. A survey found that consumers check their phone an average of 150 times per day, with 34 percent of respondents claiming they make an effort to check their email several times each day. This provides you with 150 chances every day to connect with your customer base.

Email marketing People check their phones constantly, making emails a highly effective approach.

9. It's easy to track success. With the help of marketing automation software, you can easily track and analyze all email data to determine which types of emails have the highest open rates, which generate the most leads, and which result in the most conversions. This makes it easy to tailor your strategy to customers, so you can improve your marketing ROI.

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