86 Whacky-but-Real Holidays You Can Use to Refresh Lead Generation Efforts

Looking for fresh, inventive new ways to spin your marketing content for 2017? Look no further! We've rounded up a list of the craziest, weirdest, whackiest holidays that you can use to brainstorm fabulous ideas for your marketing campaigns. Whatever your industry, you're bound to find some days to springboard off of in this lineup.


Need some new ways to wake up your customers from the post-holiday lull? Try these on for size.

January 2
Science Fiction Day
January 3
Festival of Sleep Day
January 4
Trivia Day
January 9
Word Nerd Day
January 10
Peculiar People Day
Cut Your Energy Costs Day
January 11
Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
Clean Off Your Desk Day
January 16
National Nothing Day
January 17
National Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day
January 19
National Popcorn Day
January 25
National Opposite Day
January 28
Fun at Work Day
January 31
Inspire your Heart with Art Day


Frankly, all of the sappy hearts and gooey-sweet Valentine's Day messages get tiring. Try these creative holidays instead.
February 5

National Weatherman's Day
February 18
National Battery Day


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By now, all of the winter marketing stuff is just depressing, but it's a little too early to begin with the chipper spring flowers and showers shenanigans. Here's some refreshing fodder for March. Many of these are highly relevant to the B2B marketer!

March 2
Old Stuff Day
March 6
National Frozen Foods Day
March 14
National Potato Chip Day
March 16
Everything You Do is Right Day
March 19
Corn Dog Day
March 20
National Alien Abductions Day
March 22
International Goof Off Day
March 23
National Chip & Dip Day
March 24
National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
March 25
Pecan Day
March 26
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day


Spirits perk up as April brings more warm weather, but that can also mean buyers' attention is diverted. It's time to ramp up their engagement so that they don't forget you!

April 2
Tweed Day
April 11
Barbershop Quartet Day
April 14
International Moment of Laughter Day
April 23
Talk Like Shakespeare Day
April 27
Babe Ruth Day


While Mother's Day and graduation tend to dominate May, you can stand out with your marketing messages by focusing on the unusual rather than the stereotypical.

May 8
No Socks Day
May 12
Limerick Day
May 15
National Chocolate Chip Day
May 21
National Waiters & Waitresses Day


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Now that vacation season is officially underway, you'll have to work doubly hard to command attention to your marketing messages. Try these holiday spins on for size.

June 5
World Environment Day
June 10
Iced Tea Day
June 21
Go Skating or Skateboarding Day


Growing restless with the incessant parades of red, white, and blue? Revamp July advertising with these oh-so-hot messages.

July 2
I Forgot Day
July 7
Chocolate Day
July 11
World Population Day
July 13
Embrace Your Geekness Day
July 28
National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29
National Lasagna Day
July 30
National Cheesecake Day


Now you are competing for customers' attention as they prepare to get the kiddies back in school and your B2B customers are buckling down for the season of major holidays.

August 3
National Watermelon Day
August 7
National Lighthouse Day
August 10
National S'mores Day
August 13
International Lefthander's Day
August 15
National Relaxation Day
August 16
Joke Day
August 17
National Thrift Shop Day
August 18
Bad Poetry Day
August 27
Race Your Computer Mouse Day
August 29
More Herbs Less Salt Day


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Marketing now begins to be dominated by the excitement of impending cooler weather, football season, and preparations for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. Shake up your marketing messages with these alternatives.

September 1
Emma M. Nutt Day (The world's first female telephone operator)
September 4
Newspaper Carrier Day
September 5
Be Late for Something Day
September 7
Neither Rain Nor Snow Day (In honor of the Postal Service)
September 10
Swap Ideas Day
September 22
Elephant Appreciation Day
September 28
National Good Neighbor Day

While your competitors are droning on about mummies and zombies and Jack-O-Lanterns, surprise and delight your audience with these not-so-well-known holidays.

October 1
World Vegetarian Day
October 7
World Smile Day
October 12
International Moment of Frustration Day
October 14
Be Bald & Be Free Day
October 16
Dictionary Day
October 22
Make a Difference Day
October 30
National Candy Corn Day


There are lots of things to be grateful for this time of year aside from cornucopias full of vegetables and tables topped with turkey. Try these unique messages for November.

November 3
Sandwich Day
November 6
Saxophone Day
November 13
World Kindness Day
November 23
National Cashew Day
November 25
National Parfait Day
November 29
National Day of Listening
E-Greetings Day


Lead generation

Think there are simply no alternatives to endless ads with Christmas trees and festively wrapped packages? Think again!

December 4
National Cookie Day
December 5
Bathtub Day
Day of the Ninja
December 7
• National Cotton Candy Day
December 12
Poinsettia Day
December 16
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
December 17
National Maple Syrup Day
December 23
Festivus (Holiday created by Seinfield's dad)
December 31
Make Up Your Mind Day

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