8 Ways You're Failing at Email Marketing: Marketing Automation Can Help

Email marketing has the potential to fuel sales and website traffic, while increasing brand loyalty to your company. However, in today's competitive marketplace, effective marketing has become more challenging than ever. To reach your target customers, you need to ensure your email marketing contains an edge over your competition, so you can entice consumers, motivate clicks, and encourage customer retention. Here are the top ways you're failing at email marketing and what you can do to improve your strategy in the coming year.

1. Your subject line is easy to ignore. Without an engaging subject line, your emails will likely be dumped in the trash bin. Create irresistible subject lines that customers can't help but click.

2. Your focus is too broad. Each email should have a tight focus on a specific topic, rather than cramming a variety of points into a single email. If the reader feels overwhelmed by information, they're less likely to be motivated to act.

3. You're sending too many emails. If your emails are cluttering up the inboxes of customers, it's only a matter of time before they flag you as spam.

4. Your emails are too long. With email marketing, brevity is critical. It needs to be short, sweet, and to the point. Otherwise, you'll lose the interest of your readers.

5. You're not including a call to action. A simple call to action takes just minutes to write and has the potential to considerably increase leads. At the end of each email, encourage readers to visit your website, drop by your store, enter a raffle, or explore a new product line. Be sure to include a link to the webpage or product mentioned, so the reader can take action more easily.

6. You're not catering to visual learners. Words are boring. Pictures, videos, and infographics are what drive today's world. Rather than sending a dull block of text to your customers every week, integrate pictures and videos into every email.

7. You're not catering to mobile devices. Mobile devices account for a huge number of web searches, and mobile traffic is only expected to increase in the coming year. You need to ensure all of your emails are formatted to appear on all mobile devices, which means customizing all media and pictures to respond to the size of the screen.

Marketing automation By catering to mobile devices, you can reach a much wider network of customers.

8. You're not segmenting your audience. Your audience is vast and they have a wide array of interests. It's critical to segment your audience into groups of varying interests. With marketing automation, you can gain the insights needed to categorize customers based on their unique tastes and preferences. Then you can send emails to specific categories based on their interests, considerably improving lead generation, while reducing the time and money spent on email marketing.

By perfecting your email marketing strategy, you can substantially improve the number of clicks for each email, while increasing leads and encouraging people to act. Marketing automation can enhance your email strategy by providing you with information regarding the interests and habits of each customer. This allows you to tailor emails to a variety of interests, thereby personalizing your approach and increasing the number of leads.

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