8 Ways to Increase Leads from Your Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an indispensable tool for marketers, and particularly for small businesses, given the cost-effective nature of lead generation. In fact, about 81 percent of small and medium-sized businesses report utilizing social media as a method of growing their business. Here are some tips to make the most of your social media campaign, so you can increase lead generation while saving money on marketing.

1. Use promoted tweets. Promoted tweets can significantly boost lead generation and drive traffic to your site. With a data management platform, you can segment your customer data into categories, and tailor your Twitter campaign to ensure each promoted tweet is appearing in the news feed of users that respond favorably to that niche.

2. Analyze your metrics. Use your social media metrics to see which aspects of your campaign are performing the best. You can also see which demographics utilize each social media site most frequently, so you can create separate ad campaigns for each social media platform. It also helps to determine the best times of day to make posts. While a tweet sent out at 2 p.m. on a Saturday may only generate a handful of retweets, a tweet sent out midday on a weekday could potentially create a lot more.

3. Connect with your customers. People use social media to be social, and they appreciate businesses that strive to create a one-on-one connection. Connect with your customers by responding personally to customer concerns and staying on top of all comments, both positive and negative.

4. Post contests and quizzes. Social media is meant to be fun, so you should keep your promotional tactics as upbeat as possible. Use quizzes and contests to engage your viewers and keep them connected to your company.

5. Gate your content. Use social media posts to drive traffic to gated content that will require users to sign up for your email list before proceeding to the article. This is a great way to grow your email list, while building your blog audience.

6. Use media. Tweets and Facebook posts that contain pictures are much more likely to be shared. Attach vivid photographs to every post to ensure it captures the attention of viewers. You can also use videos and infographics to further entice your audience.

Social media marketing Vivid imagery captures the attention of viewers and increases shares.

7. Include keywords in your social media posts. Social media posts can now appear in Google search engines alongside website listings. Including relevant keywords in every social media post can help to improve the ranking of your website.

8. Automate as much as possible. You need to remain heavily active on social media in order for it to be effective. By automating social media posts, comments, and responses, you can remain more engaged and reach a greater number of customers.

Social media is a lead-generating powerhouse, provided you approach it in a way that optimizes returns. With a data management platform, you can automate posts and increase your online presence, remain more connected to customers, improve data analysis, and create targeted ads that will boost lead generation.

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