8 Marketing Automation Hacks Your Business Needs to Use

There are a lot of hacks that marketers can utilize to improve the benefits they receive from marketing automation. By understanding the ins and outs of marketing automation software, you can be more efficient and strategic when tackling your ad campaign. Here are the top hacks to fuel efficiency and increase marketing ROI.

1. Automate customer incentives. Customer incentives, like coupons, raffles, and prizes, are fantastic ways to entice customers, improve brand loyalty, and increase sales. Create incentives on a regular basis and automate them, so customers are regularly receiving incentives via email and text.

2. Segment your promotions. With marketing automation, you can categorize customer data based on the unique interests of customers. By using segmented data for promotions, you can ensure that each promotion or coupon is directed toward customers that are interested in that particular product line, which will significantly improve the likelihood of conversions.

3. Automate important email alerts. You can set alerts to notify you anytime a lead visits your site, requests a demo, attends a webinar, and more, allowing you to stay on top of customer trends and see which advertising approaches are most effective.

4. Automate sales. Marketing automation can help to automate certain aspects of your sales process. You can automate email interactions to thank customers for their business, while also following up with them after they've received a product. You can provide questionnaires to each customer via email to help collect more data from customers and gather constructive criticism from your client base.

5. Create a list of people who interact with your content. You likely have some customers that interact with your content more than others. By compiling a list of customers that are more likely to share your content, you can target content specifically to that list and fuel shares, thus reaching a wider audience.

6. Follow up with event attendees. When someone registers for an event or webinar, it still isn't a sure thing that they'll attend. You can increase their likelihood of attending by following up with them via email. Marketing automation allows you to automate email responses, so you can send a personalized email to each attendee instantly.

7. Assess the times of social media posts. Timing is everything. By looking at your data from social media posts, you can identify the specific times of day that customers are the most likely to engage with your content, allowing you to create a schedule for posting that accommodates those times.

8. Utilize push notifications. Push notifications are offers or deals that are sent directly to a customer's cell phone via SMS. They have proven to be extremely effective in urging customers to act. Time your push notifications for occasions where people are most likely to shop for that product. If it's for a cup of coffee, send the notification in the early morning, before people begin their commute to work. For clothing or appliances, consider sending it on a weekend, when customers are more likely to hit the mall.

Marketing automation Sending coupons via text can fuel leads and conversions.

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