7 Wildly Successful Email Subject Lines for Revolutionizing Lead Generation

Are your email campaigns and lead generation campaigns leaving too much mustard on the table? Response rates down, revenue dropping, and managers kicking up a fuss? You haven't lost your touch at all; you simply need to rejuvenate your email subject line writing finesse. After all, you could be offering the moon and the stars above, but if nobody opens the emails, what good does that do? Try these headline tips and tricks on for size, and watch your open and response rates soar.

1. Cutting It Down to Size

Most B2B customers still use desktop computers the majority of the time to read and reply to business emails. The average desktop email platform displays about 50 characters, or 5-7 words, of the subject line. Exceed that and you've lost them. Keep it short and sweet for the best lead generation results.

2. Just a Fact, and Nothing but a Fact

You can't explain all 49 reasons for buying your product in an email, so don't try it in an email subject line. Each lead generation email should address a single selling point or pain point. Nab 'em and grab 'em. It really only takes one reason to buy if it happens to be the right reason for that customer.

3. Save the Spam for Your Lunch

Lead generation Take a peek at your own spam folder. Do your email subject lines sound too much like solicitations for Viagra and promises of free cruises for answering a survey? Dial it back a notch or 10. You can be interesting without being spammy.

Are your email subject lines straying into spam territory? It's so easy to do. Get a little enthusiastic and all of a sudden you start sounding like you're a beautiful Russian woman or a Nigerian prince. Tone it down. You don't have to be spammy to snatch attention to your lead generation emails. Lay off the *** and !!! already.

4. Tease 'Em

Without getting spammy, teases work wonderfully for coaxing email opens. Don't we all click on those links at the bottom of Forbes' articles -- the ones that promise the WORST EVER pictures of celebrities without makeup or the FUNNIEST EVER kitchen disasters? These titles work because they tease us and pique our interests. Go there.

5. Set a Timer on It

Marketing to B2B customers is challenging, primarily because they're busy folks. They have a lot vying for their attention. If you don't put a deadline on it, they're likely to put off opening your email for a day. Or a week. Or a year from next Sunday. Encourage fast opens and responses by putting a timer on the offer in the subject line.

6. Everybody Loves a List

Lists are everywhere because they're powerful. Don't you want to know the 3 best reasons why your company is losing customers or the 5 reasons why the people you hire suck at their jobs? Lists are a quick, easy way to digest information. Promise those in your subject line, and deliver on your promises in the email.

7. Personalize with Caution

Lead generation It's really better not to personalize your email subject lines if you're getting it wrong. Generic is better than calling a William 'HotRod999' or calling Jim 'Mrs. Alexander'.

Marketers are using data for personalization to boost the open rates of their emails. "Dear Eric, we've picked out blah blah blah ... " However, that only works if you do it right. If your subject lines read, "Mrs. Eric" for a mister, "CatLuvr1956" instead of "Sue," or other personalization goofs, those emails are actually doing more harm than good (see #3).

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