7 Things You Need to Fix in Your Marketing Funnel

If your marketing funnel isn't performing up to expectations, there are several reasons why that could be. Some common mistakes can derail your efforts, or at least cause your efforts to not produce to their full potential. Here are some fixes to look into as soon as possible.

1. Direct Selling Versus Driving Traffic

Today's B2B buyers are savvier than any previous generation. Most either grew up ignoring blatant advertising or have learned to over the years. Direct, in-your-face sales don't cut it anymore. Turn to savvier forms, designed to drive traffic to your website or landing pages where you'll work to close the deal.

2. Supplying Content Only for the First Phase of the Marketing Funnel

Marketers can become so consumed with getting their initial message out and funneling buyers into the Awareness phase, that they forget to educate and nurture leads in other phases of the buying process. What are you providing in terms of content and relationship building for those in other phases, such as Consideration, Preference, Action, Loyalty, and Advocacy? You should be developing content, education, and rewards for all of these groups.

3. Still Budgeting Too Much for Printed Materials

Marketing funnell Unless there is a real need for printed materials, your money goes further online.

In this business environment, few businesses really need to invest much in printed materials. Sure, you'll want press packs and perhaps some brochures or kits to distribute to those who ask for more info, but the majority of content and marketing messages these days should be digital. Your bucks get lots more bang online.

4. Getting Stuck in Your Marketing Comfort Zone

If you've been doing the same old same old for a long time, you might not realize how stale it's gotten. When was the last time you revamped landing pages, tweaked the website, or went in a fresh, new direction on your blog? Are you putting out the same banner ads as last year and the year before? Branch out! Even the best messages and techniques lose their punch over time.

5. Ignoring Chances to Meaningfully Interact With Leads & Customers

Do you get emails from those with questions, compliments, or complaints about your products or services? Are people talking on social media about your products, or even something relevant to your industry? All of these are opportunities to open conversations and build deeper relationships with buyers at all stages of the marketing funnel.

6. Focusing on the Outcome Instead of the Process

Reached 1,000 Facebook Likes or achieved 2,000 Twitter Follows? Great! That's essentially meaningless unless you find ways to convert those leads into paying customers. Instead of focusing on a certain goal (such as Likes or Follows), try delving deeper into the processes of moving buyers through the marketing tunnel. This means revamping content, tailoring messages, building a good reputation, and establishing solid relationships.

7. Failing to Learn from Mistakes

When a marketing strategy doesn't work, do you just move on to the next idea? Before you do, stop and evaluate why it didn't work. Was the message offensive? Was the message too vague? Was the message placed somewhere that didn't reach your target audience? Knowing these answers can help you avoid pitfalls in the future and hone your efforts today and tomorrow.

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