7 Questions to Ask Your Marketing Automation Vendor

Purchasing marketing automation software can be tricky, particularly if you've never utilized the software before. Knowing what your company needs from the software, what to seek in a software application, and what signifies a reputable vendor can all help you hone in on the perfect choice. Here are some of the main questions to ask a marketing automation vendor to ensure their software is the ideal fit for your business.

1. What tasks does the software automate? There are marketing automation software applications that can automate various aspects of a marketing campaign, from email automation to social media automation. You should seek a software that can consolidate all of your data onto a single platform, and be used to automate the data across all of your different marketing channels.\

2. Is the software cloud-based or on-premises? Many software applications are now available in a cloud-based platform, which can be easier and cheaper to manage than on-premises software. With the cloud, you'll also have greater accessibility to the data, enabling you to access the software on all of your devices. Seek a software that offers a secure cloud-based platform, so you can enjoy easy and cost-effective data management that doesn't require ongoing upgrades.

3. Does the vendor offer data cleansing tools? Data analysis is of little merit if your data isn't being cleansed regularly. Data cleansing is imperative to keep your data up to date, and rid your database of outdated, incorrect, or incomplete datasets. Find a vendor that offers data cleansing tools, so you can improve the quality of your data and gain the best possible insights.

4. How easy is the data migration process? Many businesses are fearful of the data migration process and rightfully so. If you ever need to discontinue a software, having your data trapped within the software is stressful. You need a software that offers easy and efficient data migration, so you can upload data quickly and remove it whenever you need.

5. Does the software promote data consolidation? Data silos are common and can impede on data analysis. Fortunately, they are easy to get rid of, provided you have the right software. Find a software application that allows you to easily integrate and manage all business data on a single platform, so you can eliminate silos and improve analysis.

6. What size business does the software cater to? Some marketing automation software is dedicated to support small businesses, whereas other applications are designed for larger businesses. Given you don't want your business to stay the same size forever, it's ideal to find a software application that can provide easy scaling, so it can accommodate your business needs, even as you grow.

Marketing automation You need a software that can grow with your company.

7. Does the software offer tools for analysis? It's important to find a software that can streamline your data analysis and improve the clarity of the data to give you the best insights. With the right tools, you'll gain better insights, increase the efficiency of data analysis, and reduce the potential for errors. Research into the types of analysis tools offered through the software to ensure it will set your business up for success.

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