7 Major Marketing Failures That Could Have Been Avoided with Marketing Automation

Some major brands have made surprisingly glaring marketing errors over the years that have not only embarrassed the company but have hindered their sales in consequence. Regardless of the size or reputability of a company, no marketing team is safe from the potential for manual errors. With marketing automation software, many of the mundane marketing tasks are computer-automated, thereby greatly reducing the potential for human error. If only these seven companies had been automating their campaigns, perhaps they could have avoided these uncomfortable blunders.

1. Miller: Posting a billboard stating that the beer is "A Tasty Contraditcion," it appears the marketing team had been sampling their own products. This glaring spelling error could easily have been avoided with marketing automation, or even just a simple spell checker.

2. Pepsi: PepsiCo Inc. made a major marketing fail by omitting a necessary hyphen in an advertisement. Instead of writing "Packed with Taste - Less Sugar," they wrote "Packed with Taste Less Sugar," thus confusing their intended message.

3. KFC: In a window advertisement distributed throughout their locations, KFC posted a sign that read, "We are cooking in a traditional way since 1939." The tense disagreement makes the sign read awkwardly, while shedding a negative light on the editors. This isn't just a simple error but one that makes the marketing team look uneducated and lazy.

4. Old Navy: Old Navy printed and sold a number of t-shirts, all containing a painfully apparent grammatical error. Instead of reading, "Let's Go," it read "Lets go," missing a critical apostrophe that likely led to its share of disgruntled customers. To make matters worse, they printed numerous different styles of the t-shirt, each containing different graphics. Yet still, the marketing team failed to catch the mistake.

5. Mitt Romney: In the Mitt Romney iPhone app, "A Better America" was misspelled "A Better Amercia," which greatly discredited his campaign and made him the laughing stock of the media.

6. McDonald's: Though fortunately this was a secular incident, a McDonald's store in Hartford, Connecticut forgot to add the 'g' in angus when advertising their burger, leading to a less than appetizing sales pitch, and undoubtedly, a few less customers.

Marketing automation No matter how scrupulous your efforts, the naked eye is prone to mistakes.

7. H&M: In a painfully ironic mishap, H&M misspelled the word 'genius' on a t-shirt, spelling it 'genious' instead. This not only made a joke of their company, it lost them a lot of money as well.

There may be a bright side to these awful grammatical errors; they often generate a lot of attention. Though, the attention is far from positive, and such errors can hurt the credibility of a company. Manual errors are a common occurrence in all levels of business. Many grammatical errors go undetected by spell check, and even the sharpest of eyes can make mistakes every now and then. With the help of marketing automation, people can reduce manual errors by automating menial aspects of the marketing campaign, resulting in fewer public embarrassments and a more successful ad campaign.

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