7 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Business Sales

Consumers are growing tired of the same old ad pitches. Today, marketers need to be more creative than ever in order to keep their audience engaged and keep customers on their toes. Here are some clever marketing ideas that can help you add some zest to your mundane marketing campaign, while staying within your business budget.

1. Have a social media giveaway contest. Giveaway contests are a great way to engage new customers. Many people are hesitant to try out new brands in fear the product won't meet their expectations. However, if there is the potential to receive something for free, they're much more likely to engage with the company.

2. Offer free samples. No matter the products or services you're offering, you can gain a lot of momentum by offering free samples. For service companies, you can offer free initial quotes or discounted services for their first visit. It's a great way to grab the attention of consumers and lets your products and services speak for themselves.

3. Make social media central to your brand. People are spending inordinate amounts of time on social media these days, with the average American checking their social media accounts about 17 times per day. You can use this to your advantage by connecting with more customers. In addition to your brand name and logo, you need to offer your Twitter handle and Facebook address on all of your promotional materials. By building up a large social media following, you'll be able to engage with customers multiple times per day and increase your brand visibility.

4. Paint a mural. Billboards are so last decade. Billboards have become so commonplace and visually intrusive that people hardly pay attention to them anymore. If you're operating a local business, you can benefit tremendously by commissioning a mural as opposed to the same old billboards. Ensure the mural is artistic and eye-catching, so passersby are drawn to observe. Woven into the mural will be your brand and contact info, enabling you to capture new customers in a unique way.

Marketing automation The best advertisements are those that wow your customers and catch them off guard.

5. Create infographics. Infographics have proven their worth time and time again, enabling businesses to drastically increase social media shares. Yet, not enough businesses seem to be using infographics. Create infographics for your business that are attractive, colorful, and informative, while centering your brand. Not only will it increase brand visibility and website traffic, but you'll also be offering your audience greater value from your content.

6. Create triggered emails. There are a lot of ways you can create automatically triggered emails that can help to make more sales. If a frequent customer logs in, fills their cart, then leaves the website without fulfilling the purchase, you can send a triggered email reminding them to finish checking out. Triggered emails can be sent on a customer's birthday, on holidays, or other special occasions as well, offering discounts and deals to incentivize spending. Triggered emails are a great way to increase brand loyalty while keeping you connected with your existing customer base.

7. Use marketing automation. If you're finding your marketing efforts are reaching a dead end, the problem could be your strategy. Marketing automation software can help to revamp your strategy, making your marketing processes more efficient and effective. Not only will it help to automate everyday marketing tasks, saving you lots of time, but it will also enable you to improve you big data analytics and create targeted ad campaigns that will resonate with your audience.

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