6 Ways You're Approaching Marketing Automation All Wrong

Marketing is an art form that requires patience and dedication to perfection. While marketing automation is a helpful tool in reaching more customers and increasing leads, there are a lot of ways that businesses are reducing ROI by approaching marketing automation incorrectly. Identify these common mistakes within your marketing strategy, so your business can avoid pitfalls and launch a successful campaign.

1. You failed to establish goals. What is it you're trying to achieve from marketing automation? Do you want to identify who is visiting your website? Where they're from? How they got there? Their interests and hobbies? You need to hone in on a specific set of goals for your marketing automation software, so you can approach your marketing campaign strategically.

2. You're not taking time to understand the customer. If you're focusing too much on task automation and not enough on data analysis, your campaign will suffer. One of the most useful aspects of marketing automation software is its ability to provide data insights that can help you to gain a complete view of the customer. Analyze this data regularly, so you can identify trends and increase your comprehension of the target audience.

3. You're automating too much. It may sound counterintuitive, but automating too many tasks will actually be the downfall of your campaign. Focus on automating smaller, more mundane tasks, while manually conquering bigger and more involved tasks. For email and social media correspondences, you should alternate between automated and authentic communication. While automated responses are good for common questions, follow ups, and promotions, sometimes customers will be expecting a personal response, and a form email could hurt brand loyalty.

4. You chose the wrong software. Not all marketing automation software is the same. Before investing in a software, ask yourself a few questions. Will this software advance the goals that you outlined? Will the software scale to your needs? Do you possess the staff and finances needed to make use of the software? The right marketing automation software needs to be one that will easily align with your company's goals, be adopted quickly across departments, and enable you to scale the platform quickly and cost-effectively.

5. You're marketing to behaviors instead of people. Of course, it's hugely important to identify behaviors in marketing, but that doesn't mean you can forget about customers in the process. If you are too busy analyzing and marketing to specific behaviors, you may fail to capture your desired audience. Behaviors can be difficult to accurately track, and they may only reveal part of the story. Instead, work on identifying larger trends, while tailoring advertisements to the general interests of the audience.

Marketing automation Tailor advertisements to the customers, not just their behavior.

6. You're collecting too much data. Some datasets are more useful than other datasets. Consider the types of data that will be the most useful to your company's goals, and focus heavily on leveraging that data. By gathering too much data, data analysis will be slowed down significantly, and you'll be identifying trends that are of little use to your company.

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