6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Ad Campaign with Marketing Automation Software

Today's marketing is all about personalization and customization. It's not good enough to please your customers, you have to wow, dazzle, and amaze them, and you can't do that without the right data and analytics. There is no better tool for collecting and analyzing the data than marketing automation software! Here are a few ways you can supercharge your ad campaigns using marketing automation tools.

1. Learn Your Customers' Other Interests

When someone connects with you on LinkedIn, likes your Facebook page, or follows you on Twitter, that is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to truly know them, you need to delve into their other interests. What other brands do they like and follow? Apart from the companies they connect with, what bands, TV shows, personalities, political figures, news media, and other interests do they have? Use this data to develop rich and thorough customer personas.

2. Delve Deeper Into Segmentation of Your Customer Personas

Marketers often treat a customer persona as a single, homogeneous group. But it isn't. Within each of your customer personas (the middle-aged business man, the struggling college student, the busy working mom), there are almost an infinite number of variances. The business man who loves the outdoors, the struggling college student who loves the arts, and the busy working mom who is working on a master's degree. Segment your customer personas for a more granular look at who they are, what they want, and how to reach them.

3. Improve Your CTAs

Did you know that using the word "submit" in your CTAs is a conversions killer? People don't want to submit. They want to "get it now," "sign up for free," and even, "opt out anytime". Why would the option to "opt out" help conversions? Because people are often afraid to agree to something they can't get out of. Netflix uses this in their CTAs, and wouldn't we all want a brand image and customer base like that?

4. Retarget Website Visitors

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Just because a website visitor didn't convert doesn't mean (s)he isn't interested! Often, retargeting those that got away with social ads can be effective at bringing them back and converting them. To do this, your marketing automation software needs to be able to track your website visitors across social channels, but it's worth the effort because it's much easier to convert those who have already entered the top of the funnel than to try to generate new leads.

5. Target Lookalike Audiences

Now that you've got a clearer picture of who your customers are, it's time to find others like them. Facebook allows you to create Lookalike Audiences, and delivers your ads to the top 1% of matches, meaning your ads go to the most relevant, highly-targeted users possible. It can be incredibly powerful at producing more people who match your customer personas and have a proven interest in your products.

6. Rethink Your Attribution Models

Are you still giving 100% credit to the last touchpoint before conversion? That's so last year. Today's marketing automation software allows you to delve into the entire map of your customer journey, so you'll know what content is moving buyers along each stage of the marketing funnel. You do have targeted content for each stage, don't you?

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