6 Ways to Build B2B Brand Champions

Using big data marketing with your B2B brand champions is a great way to generate leads and create other loyal customers. After all, your brand champions are your most fervent customers. They've been with you through thick and thin and they would never consider moving to another supplier. Every company wants more loyal customers and yours is no different. So, here are 6 ways to build B2B brand champions.

1. Customer Reward Programs

Yes, reward programs work in business markets. In fact, they're easier to manage, more secretive and easier to promote with your best customers. Your big data marketing can help you create a reward program that immediately distinguishes your value. It can be a rebate plan, a backend compensation plan or a plan where you provide a discount on pricing or a reduction on invoices after your customer has purchased a certain volume.

2. First Shot at New Product Launches and Inventory Liquidations

Let's say you have an upgraded product that you know will save your business customers money. Giving your best customers that first shot is a great selling point. It also generates leads on other opportunities. Long before you launch a new product, or introduce a product upgrade, give your best customers a well-deserved first shot at trying it out.

Inventory liquidations are another tool to build brand champions. You can offer your most loyal customers the first opportunity at discounted inventory. You can use email marketing to promote those liquidations to specific buyer personas within each of your best accounts.

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3. Favorable Discounts and Top Tier Pricing

Give your best customers your best pricing. Top tier pricing for your top customers is one way to build loyalty. Another strategy is to give them price reductions without them having to push for them. Your marketing data provides you with a number of references on pricing in your market. If you see a sudden decline in pricing, then be proactive and give your customer a price discount before they get one from your competition. You'll make your customers feel like you're looking out for them and doing their work for them. It builds trust and shows that you're working towards a partnership.

4. Loss-Leader Product Offers and Favorable Payment Terms

Your company has a me-too widget. It's a product every competitor of yours carries and it's a great way to upsell and add value to a proposal. Offer one of these loss-leader products free with every purchase. Again, doing things without your customers having to ask is a great way to build loyalty.

Favorable payment terms is another solution. However, don't just stick with extending terms. Be creative. Give your customers reduction on invoice values for paying in advance. Empower your customers to save money the way they feel most comfortable.

5. Digital Marketing Cross-Promotion and Proactive Reputation Management

Your big data marketing sources are everywhere. You have a social media channel you use, a marketing database software, a website, and a company blog. Use your blog to cross-promote your best customer's products. Offer to write a guest post or offer to push their solutions on your website. Showcase your pride in being their partner and they'll return the favor.

Proactive reputation management is an online responsibility now. Identify problem areas with your brand online and offer proactive solutions. Demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile and you'll show your entire market that you never shy away from problems. This shows that you care for your brand and care for your customers.

6. Welcome Online Feedback

It is one thing to defend your brand online, but it's another thing to encourage customer feedback. This creates a partnership with your customers. You're showing that you're asking for their input and are willing to address their concerns. It might include having a live chat option on your website. It might include holding a webcast. Regardless of how you do this, your customers will be made to feel special. You're connecting with them. You're getting to know them and you're letting them know how much you appreciate their business.

Your brand champions are an excellent resource and a great roadmap to further increasing the popularity of your brand. You have the big data marketing tools at your disposal. Now it's just a matter of putting them to use.

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