6 Summer Marketing Tips to Beat the Slow Times

Does your business suffer from a summer slump? Many businesses notice a decline in summer sales, as people become busy with vacations, childcare, and pursuing their sense of outdoor adventure. Here are some summer marketing ideas that can help you beat the slow periods and enjoy a more profitable season.

1. Build lasting relationships with your customers. With every passing month, new customers lose about 10 percent of their purchasing power. You can reverse this statistic to your benefit by forming lasting relationships with each customer. Reach out to them through emails and SMS marketing, offer incentives that will bring them to your store, and keep them engaged with a continuous supply of info-rich content and social media posts.

2. Analyze your seasonal data. If your business is experiencing a decline in sales come summertime, your data will provide the answers as to why. Analyze trends in your data that will reveal the ways in which customers are patronizing your store. By assessing the ebbs and flows of your business, you can determine the primary factors causing your slumping sales, allowing you to strategize more effective solutions.

3. Find out what's trending. If your business is struggling with seasonal low times, it could be due to your main products and services not being as popular in summer. Leverage summertime trends by expanding your products and services to incorporate trending summer products. By analyzing your current sales trends, you can find complementary summertime products that customers will love.

4. Put more effort into marketing. Marketing is the most important part of running a successful business, but how much effort are you actually putting into it? Many businesses neglect marketing and focus their energies elsewhere, which can result in inconsistent earnings. Put more of your focus on developing effective marketing strategies that cater to a variety of platforms.

5. Go mobile. There is no better time than summer to focus your energy on mobile devices. Customers spend about 20 percent of their time using mobile devices, and yet marketers are only targeting about 4 percent of their advertisements to mobile devices. In the summer, people spend less time on their computer or in front of the TV, and instead, more time outdoors with their friends. This is the ideal time to launch an effective mobile marketing strategy that will reach customers wherever they are.

Marketing automation Cater to the adventurous spirit of customers with mobile marketing.

6. Implement marketing automation. There is no better time than summer to implement a new software application for your business. The flowers are blooming, the weather is changing, and now your business can make a change for the better. A marketing automation software will enable you to create a more efficient business workflow, while leveraging big data more effectively. It will help you establish better relationships with customers, so you can increase business all year long.

With summertime approaching, many businesses are anticipating a decline in profits. However, as long as you take the time to cultivate healthy customer relationships, you can enjoy stable profits throughout the year. Marketing automation provides an array of tools that will help you manage data more effectively and improve analysis, so you can boost your relationship with customers and draw in more clientele.

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