6 Reasons Your Database Marketing Isn't Working

Is your lead generation lacking? Landing pages growing cobwebs? Click through rates look like the air pressure readings on Tom Brady's footballs? Then it's time to figure out what you're doing wrong -- and most importantly -- get it fixed! Here are several ways marketers tend to go astray with lead generation and how you can get yours back on track (before the competition does).

1. You're Missing the Mark With Online Data Marketing

Lead segmentation with big data marketing came with such lofty promises, but hasn't been as effective as you were promised. Reasons why big data initiatives often fail include a disconnect between upper management and the IT department, failing to use the right tools to leverage big data, and neglecting to assure that data was properly cleansed before migrating it to the marketing database.

2. You Aren't Monitoring & Managing Your Website Like You Should

Are you leaving all the tracking, monitoring, and analysis of your website traffic and other metrics to your web developers? This is a no-no. Web developers are great at building and maintaining a website, but they are generally pretty ignorant when it comes to marketing. Get your marketing folks up in the web developers' business.

3. You Aren't Monitoring & Managing Social Media Like You Should

Social media is a goldmine for marketing, and this goes for both B2C and B2B marketing. But it's a lump of coal if it isn't monitored, managed, and put to good use. Use social media to collect leads, create brand and product awareness, stay on top of customer service, track what's being said about your company and products, and stay connected to build better relationships with your customer base.

Lead generation Did you miss the mark with big data marketing? It's okay. You can still get it back on track.

4. Your Content is Stale & Boring

When have you rewritten the old home page? How long have your landing pages been collecting dust? Does your last blog post date back to 2013? Keep your content fresh, relevant, useful, informative, and most of all, interesting. Make sure the site reflects all of the most recent changes and innovations your company has rolled out.

5. You're Failing to Cater to Mobile Users

Is your website compatible with all of the smartphones, tablets, and other small interfaces? Mobile users are growing by leaps and bounds, while PC (which sometimes includes laptop) users remain about the same. Build for mobile or prepare to lose as much as half of your leads before they even get to your home page or landing pages.

6. You Aren't Leveraging the Power of Good CTAs

No landing page is complete without a compelling CTA. What makes a good call to action?

  • It has to inspire action on the part of the visitor.
  • It has to sound like the rest of the landing page (don't morph into someone they don't recognize the moment you start asking for them to commit to a decision).
  • It has to offer a clear value to the visitor.
  • It has to be time sensitive. Make it something they'll lose out on quickly if they don't act now.
  • The commit button needs to look friendly, inviting, and be easily noticeable on the page.

Don't copy and paste your CTAs! Generate fresh ones for each landing page.

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