5 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Paying Customers

You can build a substantial social media following with all kinds of social sharing but if you're not converting those likes and tweets into sales, then it's all for naught. Unfortunately, many digital marketing teams have a hard time with this portion of online lead generation. They just can't seem to turn all those social media influencers and followers into real sales. Well, this list should help. Here are 5 ways to turn your social media followers into paying customers.

1. Use High-Quality Content to Direct Traffic to Specific Landing Pages

So, what does high-quality content mean exactly? Well, it means breaking up the content into manageable chunks, using colorful imagery, vivid graphs, engaging videos and bright infographics. A business audience wants clear and concise data, the kind that speaks to them. Focus on how your product saves them money, removes a concern and helps make their life easier. However, don't oversell.

The idea is to draw the reader's attention and incentivize them to move forward with a clear and concise call-to-action, one that directs them to a specific landing page. When they arrive, you then make it easy for your prospect to convert with a simple and welcoming lead capture form.

2. Run Webcasts, Podcasts and Webinars

Webcasts, podcasts and webinars are fantastic tools for online lead generation. Prospects that attend these events provide all their contact details upfront. They then partake in the discussion. This is a fantastic customer-facing tool because you have access to vital customer data right from the customer themselves. This two-way discussion will easily help you increase your conversion rates. You can then take that list of attendees and follow up with other content, including email lead generation campaigns.

3. Approach Social Media Leads Differently Than Others

It's important to note that social media leads are at best soft leads. They've expressed some interest, but what they're interested in, and why they decided to share your information or post, is not always clear. Therefore, guide and nurture these leads differently than others. Offer free downloads in the form of business whitepapers and new articles and always make sure you're providing gated content. This ensures that your prospects provide their contact details upfront. The ones that do can then be funneled into your hard lead processes where you offer free trials, product upgrades or free consultations.

Online lead generation Getting to know your customers through social media has huge payoffs.

4. Reach Out

Remember that social media is social so don't be afraid to get up and close with people. A personalized touch goes a long way, but again, avoid the hard sell. Start off slowly by introducing yourself and asking them what they liked about your offer or post. Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach of sending out a nondescript email. Focus on who that individual is, where they're from and what they liked. You'll find they're more willing to engage you when you ask them personalized questions.

5. Build Social Media Brand Followers

Make your followers feel special. Give them exclusive promotions and free offers. This is a great way to leverage social media influencers, ones who have a strong market presence and a large following of their own. Focus on promoting those followers by retweeting one of their posts and explaining why you see it as valuable. You can then include signups for email subscriptions and additional free downloads for all your top followers.

Social media is the ultimate soft sell in a world where far too many companies try to oversell themselves and their solutions. Taking part in that world means you're a partner to your customers and a problem solver and not just a faceless enterprise looking to cash in.

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