5 Ways to Increase Webform Conversions

Is your webform conversion rate hovering at less than 5 percent, and you aren't sure why, or even if this is good or bad? Knowing what your conversion rate should be isn't always clear-cut, and knowing how to improve the rating can be even more difficult. But rest assured, we have five great ways to get those conversion rates up with just a little rethinking of the design on your part. Enjoy!

1. Rethink the Button Phrasing

You've probably already heard that using the word "Submit" isn't ideal phrasing for your webform buttons. But what are your alternatives? Which wording results in the best conversion rates? The single factor that motivates visitors to click is clarity. Make it as clear as possible what happens when the visitor clicks the magic button and hands over their information. Use phrases like, "Download X now" or perhaps, "Get the demo now," or "Claim your X now." This combines a strong call to action, plus explains to the visitor exactly what happens when they hit that button. This can improve your conversion rates by as much as double!

2. Know Your Industry's Conversion Ratings


Webform Higher education can get only an 8-percent conversion rate, compared to small business' 13 percent and sports' hefty 19 percent. Know your industry's expected rating before setting your goals.


Not all webform conversions are created equally. What's a good conversion rate for your industry? Overall, marketers can expect a lead generation rate of about 11 percent, but this varies among industries by as much as 18 percent! For example, nonprofit organizations can expect to get a conversion rate of as much as 15 percent, while media and religious groups can only hope for between 4 and 7 percent. Know your industry's conversion ratings so you know what you're aiming for.

3. Cater the Number of Fields to the Type of Form You're Using

The type of webform you're asking visitors to fill out also plays into how well these convert. The more the visitor stands to gain from filling out and submitting the form, the more likely they are to tolerate higher numbers of fields. For instance, when users are entering a contest, they fly through up to 10 fields while holding a conversion rate of 28 percent! But when marketers ask for lots of fields and offer the user little to gain, conversion rates plummet to 1 or 2 percent. Ask for less. Give them more. That's how you get conversion rates soaring.

4. Design a Smart-Looking Form

What design elements convince people to hit the coveted Send button?

  • Keep the form high on the page, where it is highly visible.
  • Endow it with a strong headline; make it sound important.
  • Hide fields as the visitor completes the form; this makes the process seem to move along faster and encourages them to continue.
  • Promise them privacy; visitors want to know that giving their information to you isn't like releasing it out into the wide, wide world.

5. Walk Your Visitor Through the Form

Finally, help your visitors move through the form by providing them with a narrative. Explain why answering this field is important. Tell them why you're asking ("This helps us meet your needs," or "This tells us when is the best time to reach you," etc.) It also helps the visitor trust you, because you're being transparent about why you're asking for particular information.

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