5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Conversion Rates (That Your Competitors Haven't Thought of Yet)

Tweak, refine, fine tune, rinse, repeat ... such is the job of the B2B marketer. It's not just a matter of following the next big trend, it's often about adjusting and refining your current practices so that they are just exactly right. Here are several ways to hone your current B2B marketing efforts for greater conversion rates and get a leg up on the competition.

1. Get Real

Doing business online does carry a certain risk, and savvy business buyers know this. Having a real landline phone number and a real physical address (no P.O boxes!) visible on your landing page and website can really help you establish credibility with your leads. Visitors who are reluctant to click 'Send' are often prompted to do so with the assurance that they know you're a real company in a real location with a real phone they can call if they need to. It helps them part with their information with confidence.

2. Upgrade Your UX

Have you visited your own landing page (or website) and tried out the user experience (UX) for yourself? Pretend you've never seen the page before and that you know nothing about your company. Walk through the steps a visitor would take to get to your page or site, then navigate through the process. Is it easy? Enjoyable? Intuitive? Tweak until your UX is out of sight.

3. Keep an Eye on the Joneses'

What is the competition up to? Did they update their website? Add new landing pages or post new content? Keep your eye on those Joneses. You should always be a half-dozen steps ahead of the competition, and if they unexpectedly up their game you need to be ready to up yours right back.

4. Ask Questions to Expose Pain Points

What are the pain points that your product relieves? Have you laced the customer journey with all of the ways that your product alleviates those pain points? Does your landing page make it clear how your product will make all the aches and hurts go away? Keep asking them where it hurts and illustrating how you've got the answer, and before long they'll be begging you to take their money.

5. Write a List of All the Objections, Then Answer Each One

B2B marketing What are the most common objections you hear from leads not ready to buy? Overrule their objections with solid, honest answers. This leaves them with no reason not to buy!

What are the most common reasons leads give you for not converting into customers? Make a list. Every time one of your sales reps or customer service folks gets a reason from a customer why they don't buy (or don't buy more), write it down. Then, address each one. Dot the customer journey with responses to knock down every reason they might have for not converting.

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