5 Ways Smart Landing Pages Actually Help to Increase Conversions

Every business owner wants to generate more and more conversions. Having smart landing pages on your website plays an important role in helping more people convert. This post discusses the top five ways smart landing pages can actually help increase conversions.

1- Have a Headline That Persuades the User to Read More

A catchy headline helps to capture the user's attention easily. A headline is the first thing the user sees when he visits a landing page. The headline should be short and must immediately inform the user about the benefits of the products/services you are selling. Here are some points to keep in mind while preparing catchy headlines:

  • Include interesting adjectives like Fun, Free, Strange, etc.
  • Keep the text short - seven to 10 words do wonders.
  • Use why and how - these help the visitor make a decision easily.
  • Know your audience well and include words they will be interested in.
  • Solve a problem of the visitor's.

Include a Smart Form That Helps Capture Leads

Always include the CTA element at a place in the landing page that has the highest visibility. One way to increase the number of leads is to freeze the "contact us" form. Freezing a form makes it remain visible no matter if the user scrolls up or down the page; it also increases the chance of conversions.

Reachforce's SmartForms is a great way to generate leads without compromising data quantity. It makes it easier for users to fill in their details and helps the business owner acquire rich data. Keeping the form fields limited and minimal is required because users typically don't want to fill in the info.

Use Images to Build Trust

Your visitors are more likely to convert as long as they have confidence in your website. You've probably observed that websites with logos and/or images depicting trustworthiness are more likely to convert because customers can rely on them. There is no need to clutter your landing page with art and logos, but a few select images can drastically enhance your current conversion rate as long as the images are prominently highlighted at a suitable position on the page.

Feature Client Reviews and Testimonials

Including testimonials on your landing page can certainly benefit your business; however, they can entirely backfire when they are incomplete or have been completed inaccurately. So it is always better to include complete testimonials, as they help the user make faster decisions. People are more inclined to continue with their purchase when they feel others are satisfied with the product/service.

Use Live Chat

Live conversation can be a powerful way to catch visitors who land on your site but are unable to make a decision. Some of them may not wish to give their contact info before some of their questions are answered, so having live chat helps.

A live chat on your website makes it possible for your business to connect with visitors who might have left your site otherwise. Concerned it is going to lower the quantity of leads you produce? You better think again, because lots of chat programs enable you to configure that easily. Many times, the person is prompted to type in his or her name as well as email address to connect with a live chat representative. So you collect your lead's information regardless!

Hope this convinces you to make your landing pages more effective. If you have any more suggestions, please share with us in the comments section below.

Joydeep Bhattacharya is a digital marketing analyst who helps businesses improve their presence online. He is the owner of the SEO blog SEOsandwitch, where he shares things related to SEO, SMO and digital marketing.

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