5 Ways a Content Creation Calendar Can Improve Your Content Marketing

Too many companies don't have a content marketing strategy. They don't view their content as a critical portion of their lead generation techniques. They don't understand how a steady stream of engaging content improves organic search results, increases traffic, increases conversion rates, wins new business and helps build brand loyalists.

Content marketing is the soft-sell that addresses your market's biggest issues. It provides the solutions your buyer personas need and it helps your customers make sense of a chaotic and constantly changing business world. Planning your content weeks and months in advance is critical to keeping your customers engaged. Here are 5 ways a content creation calendar can improve your content marketing.

1. Preparing for Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade shows and conferences should always be part of your company's B2B lead generation techniques. Hundreds of high-level executives, C-level contacts, and business owners attend these events looking for answers. A content calendar allows you to plan your content so that you're releasing engaging pieces right before the next industry-wide gathering. In fact, your content can drive decision makers to your booth so you can provide readymade solutions and close new business.

2. Building Customer Anticipation on Future Product Launches

You know when you're going to launch that new product. You know the release date for that product upgrade. Your customers are eagerly anticipating these new offers. Preparing your content ahead of time helps you build momentum and increase customer anticipation. You can keep customers informed of future content pieces through your newsletter. Ultimately, a content calendar helps you create that all-important market buzz and maintain it year-round.

Lead generation techniques Your content can be tailored to each of your buyer personas.

3. Becoming a Partner in Online Reputation Management

Do you see a trend emerging online? Are customers starting to get excited about your brand? Can your content generate more interest, get customers more excited and get those customers propagating a positive message? Yes, it can but only if you take the time to plan that content ahead of time. You will always be able to launch an impromptu piece and a content calendar doesn't stop you from riding the wave of recent trends. However, it does help you apply some structure to your content marketing strategy so that your content is always focused and well-prepared.

4. Allocating the Proper Internal Resources

You sell to different buyer personas. You have internal resources who understand how these different buyer personas think. For instance, you have engineers who know the most pressing issues faced by design engineers. You have production people who want to reduce cycle times and who are always looking for ways to reduce lost time.

You have accountants and finance people who are always looking to save money and reduce costs. You have high-level executives and business owners who are concerned with the big picture. These insightful employees can play a critical role in generating high-quality content. A calendar allows you to plan those resources so that you maximize coverage across your entire market.

5. Keeping Everyone Focused

Your calendar will bring everyone together. It keeps everyone focused on the same goals. It forces your team to work as a team. It forces everyone to think outside the box and come up with content pieces that speak to each of your buyer personas. It forces them to stay in touch with the latest news and emerging trends.

With a content calendar, everyone becomes more aware of the importance of analyzing your website and landing page's analytics. They'll focus more on SEO and keyword research. Not everybody will become an expert and they don't need to be. However, it will help them better understand what it takes to make your content work.

Your content calendar must be part of your lead generation techniques. It keeps all your internal resources focused on producing high-quality content for their respective buyer personas. It helps you plan your content and structure it so that you're always generating leads and increasing conversion rates.

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