5 Tips for Optimal Data Cleansing Results

Big data is only useful if companies can have faith in their numbers. Dirty data results in skewed analytics that don't accurately represent the current state of your business, sales, or customers. Frequent data cleansing is essential for the proper upkeep of data, and it will ensure your business can always receive the most accurate insights. While data cleansing may seem like a dreaded chore, there are a number of ways to make it easier and more efficient.

1. Locate all databases. For businesses with multiple databases, it's imperative to cleanse all databases simultaneously. Cleansing the data in one database will be of little use if other databases are still reflecting incorrect customer information. If it's possible to consolidate or link the databases for cleansing, this can greatly expedite the process. Otherwise, implement a step-by-step guide to follow for each database to ensure that the same changes are made across all databases.

2. Utilize data correction tools. Data correction tools can greatly expedite the process of data cleansing. For large businesses that routinely collect large quantities of data, data cleansing becomes a frequent business chore. This makes data correction tools all the more imperative. These tools rely on a secondary data source that compares the data from that source to your company data, enabling the software to automatically flag any duplicates, anomalies, or suspicious datasets for removal.

3. Don't cut corners. Data cleansing is a painful and time-consuming endeavor, but it can drastically improve the data quality of businesses. By ensuring the data cleansing is done properly the first time around, you'll be able to confidently rely on the numbers later. This means checking every single record in your database for errors, without taking shortcuts along the way.

4. Use international data cleansing tools. International data cleansing tools can help to clean up the data of all customers or business locations in different countries. It will automatically update addresses and zip codes based on the geographical data of customers, automatically format all addresses, and assign country names, thus eliminating countless hours of painstaking manual data entry.

5. Use data standardization tools. Data standardization tools allow you to input your own algorithms into the software, so the software can automatically update data as it's entered into the system. While the human eye can rapidly discern that Dr. Charles Winston and Doctor Charles Winston are the same person, a computer will fail to make that distinction. The data needs to uniformly utilize the same titles, address formats, and abbreviations in order to prevent duplicate datasets. By creating a standardized framework for all abbreviations, the software can automatically update datasets as they enter the system, thereby minimizing duplicate data and reducing the need for future data cleansing.

Data cleansing Eliminating duplicate data will give you a more accurate view of the customer.

Great marketing relies on clean data, and businesses need to schedule routine data cleanses to ensure their numbers remain accurate. With a few simple tools at your disposal, you can speed up the process, while ensuring greater accuracy, enabling you to take your marketing campaign to a new level. Marketing automation software can also be used to enhance your marketing campaign, providing you with a consolidated platform to manage and organize your data, while offering a variety of tools that enable better data analysis.

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