5 Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy with Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software can considerably improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an ad campaign. Yet, it can't be effective on its own accord. There are a lot of ways that marketing teams can leverage marketing automation to improve its benefits and get more leads from their ads. Here are some tips to help fuel the success of your marketing campaign.

1. Focus heavily on content marketing. Content marketing is incredibly useful, but it's only of benefit when approached correctly. A poorly executed content strategy will lose more leads than it gains, so it's important to focus heavily on cultivating a strategy that's equipped for success. Your marketing automation software can help you to identify trends among your customers, and you can incorporate these trends into your content strategy, so your content is more successful. The software can also help you to segment customer data, which is helpful for email and SMS marketing. With segmented data, you can separate your email and SMS campaigns based on interests and demographics, so each ad is targeted to its appropriate audience.

2. Invest in social media ads. Given social media sites have accrued millions of users around the globe, with Facebook boasting 1.59 billion active users each month, it provides an ideal platform for reaching a wide audience. Social media is also an excellent source for collecting data on customers, since they regularly post about their interests and hobbies. Use your marketing automation software to identify trends among your customers, and then use social media ads to target their specific interests.

3. Strive to respond to all inquiries. Customers need to feel as though they are cared about by a company, and personal communication can go a long way in strengthening brand loyalty. Obviously, it's incredibly time-consuming to respond to every email, tweet, Facebook message, and phone call. Use your marketing automation software to develop automated responses to some of your more common questions. This will significantly reduce the time spent responding to inquiries, while ensuring every comment or concern is addressed punctually.

4. Use more visual content. The human attention span is on the decline, which may be partially due to the rise of technology. Nowadays, people are more likely to engage with videos, pictures, and infographics than they are with ordinary content. Marketing automation can be a useful tool in determining the types of visual content that will be most effective among your audience. By identifying trends, you can create videos, quizzes, and infographics, all around the precise interests of viewers, thus increasing the likelihood that they'll engage with your content.

Marketing automation software Videos will engage customers on a deeper level.

5. Find your voice. As you work on building your brand, you'll be developing a clear voice for your company, and you need to ensure that voice remains consistent. Make sure all of your employees agree on a voice to utilize when designing ads or responding to comments, so customers can experience consistency and reliability when communicating with your brand. It's also important to maintain a low-level vocabulary, while still being articulate, so your comments are approachable and easily understood by all of your customers.

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