5 Things Your Marketing Strategy Could Be Missing

It's easy to get trapped in a marketing rut. After trying a variety of tactics, you settle on what's most comfortable and don't strive to continually improve upon your strategy. After all, how off-base could your strategy be? As long as you're generating leads, isn't that all that matters? In fact, there are always ways to improve upon the efficiency and effectiveness of a marketing campaign, but to do so, you have to figure out what's missing from your current approach.

1. It's not optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical part of any digital marketing campaign. Less than 25 percent of Internet surfers scroll as far as the second page on Google, so if your website isn't ranking, you'll be unlikely to generate traffic. To improve SEO, you need to focus on developing a list of your most useful keywords and integrating those keywords into all content on your website. However, sheer volume of keywords isn't enough, and in fact, can even be detrimental. You need to be focusing on generating quality content that is informative and useful to readers in order for Google to even acknowledge your website.

2. You're not segmenting your customers. Are you relying on a set of general advertisements to appeal to a vast audience simultaneously? If so, this will likely destroy your lead generation efforts. With the rise of mobile devices, businesses now have the capacity to collect abundant data from each individual customer. This has led to a major shift in how businesses are approaching marketing, by tailoring ads to individual customers, rather than large audiences. You need to segment your customer data to create advertisements that cater to various niches within your customer base, so you can reach each customer on a more personal level.

3. You're not relying on your data. If your marketing campaign is based on hunches or trial and error, then you'll be in for a rude awakening. Both of these methods are outdated and costly, and they fail to produce the results you need. A database management software can help you leverage your customer data, so all of your marketing campaigns will be based on real-world insights. This takes the guesswork out of marketing, while setting your campaign up for success.

Database management software Data and analytics will recharge your marketing and fuel lead generation.

4. You're lacking visuals. Customers are bored with words. They want visuals and graphics. They want vivid imagery that tells a story and creates an entire world within your brand. Your marketing campaign should be incorporating an array of visuals, like pictures, infographics, and video advertisements, so you can deeply engage viewers and create a steady audience.

5. You lack a personality. Boredom ranks up there with the least desirable of human emotions, and if your marketing lacks personality, there's a good chance you're boring your audience. You need a distinct personality and image for your brand that resonates clearly throughout all of your different marketing channels. This way, customers can get to know your brand personally, while experiencing heightened engagement.

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