5 Things to Know Before Buying Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation has become the new business buzzword with companies adopting the technology to streamline their marketing campaigns and enhance lead conversion. While marketing automation has the potential to considerably improve marketing decisions, save businesses money, and enhance the visibility of a company, there are a lot of things businesses need to be aware of before investing in a software solution.

1. It isn't a cure-all. Marketing automation is a tool that can enhance marketing campaigns, but it won't do your job for you. Your team is still responsible for managing and analyzing the data to gather business insights. Find a tool that will integrate data across all departments, so your company can eliminate data silos and gain better insights from the data. Additionally, regularly cleanse the data to ensure the insights are based on accurate and up-to-date trends.

2. It shouldn't be used solely for marketing. Lori Wizdo from Forrester points out that customers are largely attracted to companies with great customer service and that offer a personal touch. If you use marketing automation solely to promote products, it will likely push clients away. Instead, utilize the big data insights to find ways to enhance customer service and create a personalized shopping experience for customers. By focusing entirely on product sales while ignoring customer relations, your company won't receive as much benefit from the software.

3. Set your expectations. Determine what you need from a software and how the software will be utilized by your company. Examine the features of various software programs to find the one that best meets the needs of your growing business.

4. Consider your company's growth rate. Don't just consider your company's current size. Consider the growth rate of your company, so you can find a marketing automation software that offers the scalability your company needs. While marketing automation is cloud-based and can provide easy data scaling, most software requires contracts based on the size of your business. Before committing to a contract, take into account your projected growth rate throughout the fiscal year, so you can purchase software usage that will meet your future needs as well.

Marketing automation software Your projected growth rate can determine the level of service you need from a software.

5. Only apply the software to one aspect of your campaign initially. Rather than immediately applying the marketing automation to all aspects of your campaign, gain some practice and mastery over the software by applying it to a specific section of your campaign. Start by automating something small like email marketing, and once you've established a routine and a clear set of objectives, you can begin to incorporate other marketing channels.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that will considerably enhance the marketing campaign of your company. However, to make the most of your software, there are a lot of considerations that you need to take into account prior to investing. Establish the goals, expectations, and growth rate of your company, so you can find a software that will meet your current and future needs. Don't adopt marketing software solely for marketing purposes, but also use it to transform and enhance customer relations and promote client retention. With the right knowledge and approach, you'll be able to make better use of your software and fuel lead generation for your business.

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