5 Reasons Social Media (Might) Belong in the Contact Center

Although volumes have been written about alignment between marketing and sales, why it’s so important, and how to get it done, best practices for how marketing interacts and teams-up with customer support aren’t quite as abundant.

One of the articles in this month’s CRM Magazine (Social Media Belongs in the Contact Center, by Donna Fluss) examines that question through the lens of social media and, as the title suggests, advocates for moving social media responsibilities over to the customer care team. You can read the full post article here, but Fluss’ position is that marketing doesn’t typically have the “knowledge, skills, and resources to handle the job.”

She makes a fairly convincing argument. Fuss writes that while differences certainly exist, the interactions required for both the contact center and social media channels have more in common than not, and marketing’s responsibility should really be more about “strategically building and managing the brand, not responding to every customer interaction.” The article provides 13 similarities – here are five:

  1. The interactions have to be handled in real time (or near-real time).
  2. Topics can be about anything the company does.
  3. Interactions should be handled by well-trained employees who are familiar with the company's products, services, and policies and who are effective communicators.
  4. All interactions should be logged, tracked, and tied together to understand the entire "customer journey."
  5. Answers provided by the social media team must be consistent with answers provided by the contact center/customer service team.

What do you think? Does your customer care team handle social media? Does marketing? Or have you found a way for the teams to work together? More on the last in the next post, but let me know how your organization manages social.

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