5 Reasons SMS Marketing Is Critical for Your Marketing Automation Strategy

SMS is an oftentimes neglected segment of marketing, and yet, it provides countless benefits to businesses. While the majority of businesses are involved with email marketing, social media, TV, and radio, the numbers of text-message marketers have been declining. Marketing automation software can make it easy and efficient to leverage mobile text marketing, so your business can ramp up your SMS strategy. Here are some of the ways SMS marketing can fuel your lead generation.

1. Text messages have high open rates. Unlike email blasts, which average just a 22 percent open rate, text messages have incredibly high open rates. According to James Citron, the CEO of Mogreet, 95 out of 100 customers that have agreed to receive texts from your company will open and read your text messages. The reason for this is simple. Texts are short and to the point, taking just seconds to read. Brevity and convenience are critical to customers, making texting an ideal platform for marketing.

2. Most customers are willing to receive texts. According to a poll, 14 percent of respondents said they would share their phone number with businesses, even if they had no incentive to do so. That number leapt to 57 percent when added incentives were involved. By offering coupon codes, contests, and other incentives via text, you can connect with a vast network of engaged customers and increase leads.

3. Customers opt-in. With many forms of marketing, you have little control over your audience, resulting in the ads targeting people who are disinterested and unperceptive. This inevitably results in wasted funds and a high marketing budget that produces fewer leads. With SMS marketing, your customers can opt-in to receiving text messages, so every text is sent to a customer that wants to receive it. This results in drastically higher conversion rates than other marketing channels, making it both cheap and effective.

4. It increases customer retention. Marketing isn't just about finding new customers - you also need to retain your current customer base. In fact, focusing on customer retention is a cheaper and more effective strategy for boosting sales. Text messaging provides an easy way to interact with customers and keep them engaged with your company, so you can increase client retention and strengthen your brand loyalty.


Marketing automation With high open rates, you can boost conversions and strengthen ROI.

5. It caters to mobile devices. There is no media outlet more prolific and widely utilized than the cell phone, making it the ideal platform to reach a vast network of customers. With mobile usage now exceeding desktop usage, cell phones are a ubiquitous tool that can connect businesses with their customers easily.

SMS marketing is undoubtedly effective, possessing incredibly high open rates and fueling conversions. Yet, few businesses utilize text messaging to its full potential. Marketing automation software allows you to automate a variety of aspects of your ad campaigns. It can make it cheaper and more efficient to remain up-to-date with SMS marketing, so text messages are routinely sent out to customers to keep them up to date with your company.

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