5 Marketing Strategies to Resurrect a Dying Brand

Has your business been losing customers as of late? When sales start to decline, it often sends business owners into a panic, as they scramble and look for solutions to reignite their sales. If your brand is struggling, there are some easy and cost-effective ways to resurrect your dying image and bring your customers back.

1. Emulate the success of others. If your business is struggling but competitors in the area are still bringing in significant sales, then perhaps it's time to study the success of others in the industry. Analyze industry trends, as well as the top business practices of your competitors to determine what areas of your business are lacking. You can then improve upon your own business model by emulating the success of others in the industry.

2. Determine why your customers are leaving. In order to bring back customers, you first need to discover why they're leaving. To do this, look to your data and analytics. Data and analytics will help you notice trends in your declining customer base, so you can determine what's driving customers away. It will enable you to pinpoint the items that are no longer selling, the advertisements that are failing to produce results, the website pages that aren't gaining as many clicks as before, and more. Once you've identified the source of the problem, you can devise a strategy to reverse it.

3. Target your advertisements to specific groups. After you've determined why customers are leaving and the types of customers that are leaving, you'll have a better idea of who to target your advertisements to. Use your data and analytics to identify the most powerful and high-performing advertisement types, so you can tailor each ad to its appropriate demographic. One of the main reasons businesses experience low conversion rates is because their advertisements aren't reaching the right audience. With targeted advertising, every ad reaches its ideal recipient, which can go a long way in resurrecting your brand.

4. Change your brand image. Your brand is central to your marketing campaign, and it needs to resonate powerfully with consumers. If customers are leaving your company in hordes, it may be time for a total brand makeover. Shake things up. Rely on the latest industry and consumer trends to reinvent your brand in a way that jives with consumer interests. Design a new and trendy logo, implement new customer service policies, renovate your website. Add a modern spin on your old brand to give it a new appeal to customers.

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5. Implement a marketing automation software. When sales decline quickly, businesses are faced with a conundrum. On the one hand, they need to invest more in marketing, so they can increase sales. On the other hand, with declining sales, they have less money left over for marketing. With marketing automation software, you have the best of both worlds. You can substantially improve your lead generation potential, while actually decreasing your marketing expenses. It enables you to automate tasks, which in turn increases efficiency, thus making marketing cheaper. It also fuels targeted advertising, allowing you to increase leads with less effort.

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