5 Lead Generation Tactics That Work Best for Startups

You're new to the game. Nobody knows you, and it seems like no one is lining up to get to know you. How can you conduct a successful lead generation campaign when you can't seem to get any attention? Here are some surefire lead gen techniques that help startups get stocked up on leads for a solid sales and marketing foundation.

1. Making the Most Out of Free Exposure on Social Media

Social media is often overlooked by startups believing you have to spend money to make money. Unless you're advertising, social media is 100 percent free, and the potential audience there is virtually unlimited. Don't forget that LinkedIn offers an article platform that can be even more powerful than blogging for connecting with the public.

2. Never Underestimate the Power of the Valuable Offer

Great content is the ultimate bait for generating leads. Are your offers worth what you're asking for? Offer valuable eBooks and whitepapers, webinars and free demos -- but make sure the content meets a need or fills a void. It has to be worth forking up personal info for. Answer questions or offer the solution to problems that your target demographic faces. Do they need information or solutions or advice? Find what they need and deliver it.

3. Make Signing Up Easy and Breezy

If your landing pages aren't generating many leads but you know your offers are worthwhile, try asking for less info from your leads. Perhaps they won't fill out 10 fields to get your new eBook, but they might be willing to complete five.

4. Establish Your Reputation in Forums and Q&A Sites

Startups can build recognition and trust within the industry by appearing in industry forums, events, and Q&A sites. Answer questions on Quora. Provide solutions in forum groups. Speak at industry trade shows and conventions. Get the names of your founder, president, CEO, and other experts out there in the public eye through guest blogging and any means you can think of for distributing industry information.

5. Make Good Use of Your 404 Error Page

Lead generation Your 404 Error page can be a useful tool to build a relationship with visitors, even when a link broke or they mistyped something.

The 404 Error page is often overlooked by startups, because most of their web content is fresh and new. But when building your content and web presence, you will probably create a broken link or two, and your 404 Error page can double as a redirect or even a lead generation page. Anything you add beats a boring page that leaves visitors thinking you're no longer around.


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