5 Lead Generation Myths: Busted

Lead generation is about knowing what to do and what not to do. As is the case with many business endeavors, myths tend to take root around what works and what doesn't work with lead generation. The only way to know for sure is to try ideas and test them, because your situation is unique.

Don't let yourself be intimidated into thinking you have to do things a particular way, because every organization is different, and differentiation is part of how you beat the competition. The conventional wisdom isn't always correct, and you have to learn for yourself how to optimize lead generation. Here are 5 lead generation myths you shouldn't buy into.

1. The Myth of the Too-Frequent Email

Everyone hates spam, and you often see warnings against sending out marketing emails "too frequently." But there's no standard definition of what "too frequently" means. Send out emails when you have something relevant and useful to your market. That could be every couple of days, or every couple of weeks. Successful lead generation brings you people who are interested in your products and services. That being the case, you don't need to worry that you're sending out emails too frequently, as long as you're providing leads with fresh, useful information.

2. The Myth That Your List Must Achieve Critical Mass to Succeed

Naturally you want a lot of leads. However, with lead generation, quality of leads trumps quantity every time. You do not need a huge list, and depending on what you're selling, having a big list may not even be a reasonable goal. It's what you do with your leads that counts, namely, building relationships with the people on it. Fewer, more enthusiastic leads who can use the information you provide are ultimately better than having an enormous database with a large proportion of tepid prospects who may have come to your pages for reasons only marginally related to what you do.

3. The Myth That Nobody Wants to Buy Right Away

While it is true that buyers do a lot of research before they want to make contact with someone from sales, it's not true that closing a sale requires a certain number of contacts before you can gain a commitment. You shouldn't pursue leads with enough aggression to drive them away, but bear in mind that you will sometimes get leads who are prepared to act swiftly. If you're not prepared to move toward a commitment simply because you haven't had contact with a lead X number of times, your competitors will be happy to scoop up those customers.

Lead generation Sometimes deals come together faster than expected, so be prepared.


4. The Myth of the Magical Opt-In Form on Your Landing Page

Opt-in forms on your landing pages are essential, and you should put care and consideration into their creation. You should also take the time to run A/B tests so you can determine which ones are most effective. That said, collecting information from these forms is necessary but not sufficient for effective lead generation. You can't stake everything on organic web traffic, but should create specific landing pages and take steps to drive targeted traffic to them. Waiting around for the metaphorical phone to ring is not the path to successful lead generation.

5. The Myth That Partnerships Are Only for Big Enterprises

Partnerships are about building relationships with other relevant businesses. Once you identify partners that make sense and build those relationships, they can help tremendously with promoting your work. You must be willing to position yourself and communicate your value proposition to potential partners as well as potential customers. This could involve giving interviews with key players at partner organizations, guest blogging on their sites (or having them guest blog on yours), or finding other ways to broaden the audience for your content. When you approach potential partners with the attitude of helping them and contributing, both parties benefit.


Believing in common myths about lead generation limits your reach and ignores how dynamic today's marketplace is. Whether you have 100 leads or 10,000, you count on your lead data to be accurate, timely, as complete as possible, and non-redundant. Don't buy into lead generation myths; commit yourself to quality over quantity and you create a strong foundation for measurable business growth.

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