5 Lead Generation Hacks to Make a Good Strategy Even Better

Experienced marketing professionals will tell you: great lead generation is more about tweaking and perfecting your existing strategies than it is about constantly reinventing everything you do. Every marketer needs a few new hacks now and again to revive and invigorate their campaigns. Here are some you can employ starting today!

1. Rethink and Repurpose Your FAQ Page

A surprising number of leads stumble across your website because they were searching for "how to" or "why" content and ended up on your FAQ page, or a similar informational page. This means that you need to tailor these pages for newbies, not just your informed customers. Also, take these FAQs and write blog posts specifically around them to increase your content and SEO.

2. Redesign Your Landing Pages

Are your landing pages getting too fat, or perhaps too lean? When landing pages aren't generating the leads you expect, minor tweaks can often generate significant results. Add some pizzazz to your headlines and condense some of the bulkier text into simple, straightforward bullet points. Remove distractions on the page and make the form more prominent. Also, add social sharing buttons so that people can help spread the word for you.

3. Recycle Your Best Blog Posts

Breathe new life into a past blog post that was particularly informative or popular. You can do this by choosing a few of your best blogs and create landing pages geared toward that particular topic. Then list that resource along the sidebar of your blog and turn those old posts into lead generation tools without having to develop new content.

4. Offer Classes via Webinar 

Lead generation Offering a free e-learning class is a great way to do a public service while also improving your lead generation efforts.

Educational webinars are a great place to generate leads that are interested in the exact thing you're trying to promote. Present the webinar as a free class that is specific in nature. For example, instead of offering a class on 'email marketing', offer one on 'promoting an event via direct email marketing'.  The more specific, the better.

5. Make Your Website Content and Landing Pages Easier to View

Are you driving leads away because your pages aren't easy to look at? Sometimes a unique page design is only one-of-a-kind because nobody else is crazy enough to use it. One of the worst offenses is reverse type, or light type on a dark background. Other common mistakes include type that is too tiny (never stray under 14-point type, and 16 is much better) and serif fonts, which are much harder on the eyes than san serif fonts. Also, break up large chunks of text into subheads to make the reading look lighter and easier.

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