5 Landing Page Must-Haves for Awesome Lead Conversion

Landing pages are key to capturing leads online - and important data about your leads. They were created to attract traffic and convert traffic in specific ways. However, some landing pages become bloated when incorporate all of the techniques and tactics recommended.  So, what are the absolute must-have elements when it comes to landing pages? Here are several things that no self-respecting landing page would be caught trolling the Internet without.

1. Follow That Attractive Headline With a Persuasive Subhead

You hear a lot about attention-grabbing headlines, and no doubt, that is important. What you hear less about is how a persuasive subhead pulls the reader into the page once the headline has grabbed them and shaken them up a bit. Today's readers are used to shock and awe, give them a tug to solidify their full attention.

2. Present a Pain Point, Along With a Pain Reliever

Where does it hurt, and how can the offer make it better? In the age of inbound marketing and content marketing, landing pages offer gated, quality content the provides the lead insight into ways to make their life easier.  Every landing page should clearly illustrate the pain point and identify exactly how the offer or piece of content will remedy that pain. Make it clear and make it easy. Leads don't convert for subtle and "hidden" information.

3. Design the Lead Form Based on the Offer 

Are you tired of arguing with everyone else in the marketing department about what the right length for your forms should be? Stop fighting and develop a form that gives you exactly what you need for this particular campaign.

The common answer is that shorter forms convert at a higher rate. However, a rule-of-thumb is to ask for as much information as you are providing. Meaning, if you are providing a very high-quality research report or free trial to a software service, the lead form can ask a few more questions that the initial name, email and "how did you hear about us?" You are providing something of higher value, so they can provide something they find valuable too - their title, HQ state and use of software.

4.   No Distractions!

What's the bottom line here? You want them to fill out the form they landed on, not click around further and waste their time trying to decide. Give them one option so they won't be distracted.

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