5 of the Biggest B2B Lead Generation Goofs

Most of the time, you focus on what to do to improve your marketing efforts. Sometimes, though, it pays to step back and see what it is you shouldn't be doing. Avoiding these mistakes can boost your lead generation success as much as adopting an entirely new marketing technique.

1. Failing to Emphasize Your Products' Uniqueness

What is the single thing that sets your products (or services) apart from the competitors'? Is yours the biggest? Fastest? Only one available in mahogany? Only one that passed the prestigious government testing? Buyers can get confused with TMI. Be sure to illustrate the single thing that sets you apart. That will stick in their minds the best.

2. Failing to Demonstrate How the Product Provides Value to the Customer

How is the customer's life [job, home, car, business, looks, love life, etc.] going to be better after they buy your product? In other words, what's in it for them? If you make this point clear, you can make a lot of other mistakes and still see marketing success.

3. Relying on the Bells and Whistles to Get the Job Done

Are you leaning too heavily on all the golly gee wowzer features of your product, instead of the nuts and bolts of what the product (or service) is about? Sometimes it pays to put your focus back on the heart of the product -- what it does better than any other product -- and let the bell-and-whistle features be a side note to your marketing efforts.

4. Spending All Your Time on Communicating to the Customer Instead of Hearing From the Customer

'Yada, yada, yada' goes the marketer. Are you all gab and no ear? You can do this even online, by putting out lots of neat content but never bothering to ask the questions to learn what your customers think or want. Take surveys. Have your tech support ask them questions. Give them ways to offer up their two cents. Your customers need a voice.

5. Putting Too Much Emphasis on Price

Lead generation Unless your key selling point is price, don't put much emphasis on it. Focus instead on the value your product offers.

In some instances, the primary selling point is the fact that it's the cheapest product or service of its kind. In all other cases, price should be a side dish, not the main entree. Quit putting all the focus on the wallet and get back to illustrating the value of investing in your brand.

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