4 Ways Big Data Marketing is Going to Blow Your Mind

We understand. The C-suite simply wouldn't sign off on your big data marketing project until you could prove an ROI. Now that it's accepted as an industry standard, you're just now getting on board. Relax! You've got time to catch up. Big data revolutionizes the way B2B marketers are able to reach their customers, build their brand reputations, and personalize their marketing messages. Here are a few of the ways big data marketing will blow your flipping mind.

1. Big Data Revolutionizes Your Content Development

You need a collection of content created specifically for each stage of the B2B marketing funnel. But creating this requires a lot of insight you don't have without big data. For example, you have to have a carefully mapped customer journey to discover what content your audience responds to and how they consume it. You also have to have insight into what kinds of content your audience craves, whether that's in-depth buying guides, how-to video tutorials, or comprehensive checklists. Data can tell you everything you need to know to create and distribute content that actually does what it's supposed to do in terms of moving buyers through the marketing funnel. When content is underperforming, you can address the situation immediately -- to improve it, remove it, or simply change the CTA to better match your target audience's preferences.

2. Big Data Gives You Superpowers for Seeing Your Competitors' Marketing Campaigns

Want to get a sneak peek into your competitors' campaigns? Big data gives you this power. From there, you can avoid what isn't working for them, saving yourself lots of hassle and expense on the same mistakes. But you can capitalize on what is working.

3. Big Data Catapults Your Ability to Manage Your Brand Image & Corporate Reputation

Keeping up with what people say about you on your own website, social media accounts, and email is no big deal. But to truly gain insight into your brand's image across the marketplace and your corporate reputation in the general public takes the right big data marketing tools.

For example, you can use social firehose data to determine what people say about your company, brands, and products outside your own social networks. Similarly, you can get an idea what other products and services your customers like and interact with. How does that help? Well, if you market accounting services to doctors, and a large percentage of the doctors you connect with via social also happen to like a certain brand of office supplies, that may be a natural for your piggyback marketing campaigns. There are many ways to use this type of data.

4. Big Data Pushes You Far Beyond Merely Keeping Up with the Industry Trends

Big data marketing Take two email drip campaigns to introduce your new product line and call us in the morning. Big data marketing isn't just descriptive (what's trending now), it's prescriptive (what customers want next).

B2B marketers have just become used to working with big data for descriptive purposes, but with the right data and analytical capabilities, your big data marketing can become prescriptive in nature. For example, you have already learned to determine what products are popular and what marketing messages best reach your target audience(s). But true prescriptive analytics can deliver insight into future industry and marketing trends, plus offer you one or more options to respond to those changes. This is the next natural evolution of big data marketing, and it can truly revolutionize how you manage your B2B marketing campaigns.

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