4 Ways Big Data Can Take Your Content Marketing Strategy to New Heights

Most companies are abandoning the old advertising concepts and opting for content marketing. This is a powerful way to change the way you market your products, especially for B2B marketers in highly competitive markets. Here are several ways that big data can help you enjoy success with content marketing.

1. Big Data Can Help You Improve Your Website Content

Evaluating how content is performing on your own website is a great way to determine what content to keep producing and what isn't working so well. What content typically lures readers in? What content keeps their attention the longest? What content encourages them to hang out and see even more content on your site? Your website metrics can also tell you what time of day is most effective to publish new content to your blog and which days of the week are most effective.

2. Big Data Can Help You Improve the Content You Post on Other Sites

In addition to the metrics on your own website, you'll also want to get the metrics for the content you post elsewhere. This includes any guest blogging opportunities you take, as well as content you post on free sites or paid sites. Track what types of content does well and what subjects are best received. Do you get more traffic coming in from content on paid sites versus your guest blogging posts? Do interviews and Q&A formats work better than ordinary articles? These metrics are incredibly helpful in developing your next content marketing campaigns.

3. Big Data Can Help You Find Out What Content is Working for Your Competitors

Big data Learn from your competitors' mistakes and success stories. Collect their metrics and see what's working for them. It will probably work for you as well, and you might be able to do it better than they are.

You aren't limited to tracking the metrics on your own websites, either. Though you can't get quite as much info on your competitors' sites, you can find out what content there is being well received and what's sitting idle. This can help you cash in on hot topics and avoid content mistakes that don't generate positive responses from customers.

4. Big Data Can Help You Analyze and Improve Your Social Media Content

Social media data is abundant, including that offered on Facebook Insights and through the Twitter Firehose. You can see the reach each post achieved, how the post engaged discussion and comments, and which posts perform the best within your industry. That makes it much easier to replicate success and sidestep failures. Social media marketing using marketing automation also helps you understand which posts are more likely to resonate with followers and drive results.

The more data you get on successful versus unsuccessful content, the better your content marketing campaigns will get. It's cumulative -- over time, the improvements will be more profound.

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