4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Amount of Gated Content

If you've been creating educational content very long, you probably are faced with a million blog posts, but not a lot of middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel content.  Your website is rich and informative, and your landing pages are top shelf. You've got an authoritative blog and have metrics on everything from lead generation to click-through rates. Here are some ways (other than repurposing blogs) to create clever gated content to feed your marketing funnel with engaged leads.

1. Create Less Content, but Make it Bigger

Buying tons of 300-700 word articles gets expensive. What if you paid more for a single piece, got a bigger and better piece for your money, and didn't have to purchase and post so many -- meaning that in the long run you actually save money? The most shared content isn't the average 500 word article. Lengthier, meatier content actually gets the most likes, shares, and attention.

2. Create Content Around Your Customers Own Questions

Marketing strategies Customers have questions? Create content to give them answers.

Having a tough time constantly coming up with new fodder for your articles and blog posts? Take a break and let your customers do it for you. Every marketer has a list of most frequently asked questions by leads and customers. Generate content geared toward answering those questions fully, honestly, and transparently. This solves several problems at once: it lessens the burden on your content writers, it gives you fresh, new, insightful content, and it helps you get those questions answered for good so that the tire kickers can finally become converted customers.

3. Enter a Joint Venture Partnership

Have you considered a partnership marketing plan (strategic alliance) with another business who shares a target demographic but is not a competitor? With partnerships like these, you can generate new leads and customers quickly, inexpensively, and effectively, while providing your own customers a valuable service. If you choose your partnership wisely, their service to your customers will seem more like a free gift than a marketing strategy.

4. Make Yourself Available on the Speaking Circuits

Have you lined up your top executive, engineer, or researcher to speak at the rotary clubs, trade shows, and relevant industry conferences? Speaking is another way to establish credibility, reputation, and free exposure for your top workers, your brand name, and your product. Think about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Those men's opinions are far more important than their association with their respective companies, but their knowledge and expertise helped establish trust and respect for their businesses. This is the power of regular speaking engagements within your industry.

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