4 Marketing Gaffes You Don't Want to Make

Even the biggest of companies have made embarrassing marketing gaffes, some of which have stemmed from the smallest of errors. While these gaffes often seem funny to customers, businesses are rarely so amused, as a single marketing mistake can cost a company a lot of money. Here are some of the top marketing mistakes that could have been avoided with a little bit more forethought.

When Brands Fail Their Customers

The Gap made a terrible marketing mistake that disgruntled a lot of customers. The store, being known for their plain and simple clothing, tried to step up their image with a trendy new logo. Unfortunately, it didn't jive with their customers. The customers were looking for simple, not trendy, and worried the Gap was selling out and adopting a new image. If the Gap had spent a little more time researching their customers by digging into their data, they may have been able to sidestep the unfortunate logo disaster.

Mixing Up Your Platforms

The average business is utilizing a variety of marketing channels to spread their message. Unfortunately, managing these various marketing channels gets confusing. In a recent newspaper automobile advertisement, the author evidently mixed up his platforms, mistaking the paper newspaper for its digital counterpart. At the bottom of the advertisement, it said "Click here to compare them," creating an embarrassing error that likely caused some confusion among customers.

Sending the Wrong Message

The English language is a fickle one. If you miss even one punctuation mark you risk distorting your entire message. Tails Pet Magazine exemplified this in an article entitled "Eat, Ray, Love," featuring Rachel Ray. Beneath the title, which was featured on the cover of the magazine, there was a description that read, "Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog." Clearly, they missed a couple of commas which, while hilarious, was probably a bit disturbing to the average reader. Though the magazine cover ended up going viral, it isn't the type of publicity the average company would want.

Never Offer More than You Can Give

It's enticing to want to draw customers in by offering added value, but don't make promises you can't afford to keep. Timothy's Coffee learned this the hard way by offering a coupon for a free sample for everybody that followed them on social media. Obviously, they soon became Internet famous, and since they're in the business to make money - not give away coffee, the business couldn't possibly deliver on all the free samples. Needless to say, this led to countless angered customers and a storm of backlash.

Use Marketing Automation Software and Avoid the Embarrassment of Mistakes

Every company is vulnerable to mistakes from time to time. After all, you're only human. But then, maybe that's the problem. By automating a lot of your marketing tasks, you can eliminate those pesky human errors and enjoy a cleaner campaign that's free of embarrassing slip-ups. Marketing automation software provides advanced tools to help you automate work, manage multiple channels efficiently, and improve lead generation. This makes it possible to develop a more effective marketing strategy that is no longer vulnerable to manual mistakes, while leveraging data to improve customer analysis.

Marketing automation software

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