4 Benefits of Scoring Marketing Database Software for Your Business

The era of running the sales and marketing departments with a complex system of desk calendars and sticky notes has come to an end. The world's tree population is grateful. But there are other benefits, apart from saving tons of trees and the sanity of your office supplies manager. Marketing database software like CRM is so much easier to manage, and allows for incredible visibility and improved coordination between sales and marketing. What are the benefits and advantages of marketing database software?

1. A Holistic View of the Customer

The ability to view your entire relationship with your customers is essential for improving the pathway for future customers to follow. What ads originally captured their attention? What content did they consume on the way to making a purchase decision? What was the trigger for them to finally buy? All of these are valuable to marketing, and sales can benefit from knowing things like how customers prefer to pay, what features they're most interested in, and what their technical and training challenges are. With the complete customer view, you can make changes, additions, and improvements to your entire marketing, sales, and customer management processes.

2. Improvements in Productivity

Once you know where to focus your marketing efforts, you can spend less time on those efforts that don't pay off. For example, if your blog is active and generates lots of high quality leads, you can focus on that rather than other endeavors that aren't generating as much enthusiasm. Say your whitepapers aren't so popular -- maybe you can turn some of your more popular blog posts into interesting and engaging whitepapers. Or, you might decide to leave whitepapers out and spend that time on something more profitable. This makes your entire team more productive.

3. A Reduction in Costs/Spending

Developing targeted content is just one way that marketing database software reduces waste and helps you control spending. With an improved view of your customer, you know what ads work and where the best places to find your most valuable leads are. This helps control ad spending as well as marketing expenditures. You can now do more work with fewer people, because many of the processes that were manual and labor-intensive are now automated. Also, your employees will likely be happier, because the work is smoother and more manageable, and happier workers are more productive workers.

4. Focus on the Customer Instead of the Technology

Marketing database software Marketing database software allows your teams to share information and creates a holistic view of your customers and the journey they take through your messages and content.

With the right marketing database software, you aren't spending all your time managing the data or the database. This takes your focus off of worrying about the technology and allows you to place your time and effort where it counts: nurturing leads and building strong customer relationships. The most modern systems are highly intuitive and easy to manage, requiring little or no assistance from the IT team.

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