4 Account Based Marketing Techniques to Try Today

If you regularly read this blog, by now you certainly know that an account based marketing approach can have a significant impact on your business.

Not only does does account based marketing (ABM) help to better align sales and marketing on a unified set of high-value accounts, it also effectively yields higher return on investment for your marketing efforts.

While the concept of account based marketing has existed within larger corporations for years, the rise of big data granted small-to-medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to make significant headway in building relationships with key accounts.

Now that ABM is beginning to gain more momentum, marketers need to know which strategies and techniques lead to the best results. It is one thing to successfully implement an account based marketing plan and another entirely to actually understand the techniques that can really help your approach drive more revenue. The former is undoubtedly important for “beginners,” but new strategies and techniques make sense for marketers at every level of comfort with ABM.

With that in mind, this post shows you four account based marketing techniques you can try today.

#1. Personalize Your Site Experience

If you ask 10 experienced marketers to summarize account based marketing in just one word, you would hear the same answer from most:


At the center of a successful ABM approach lies a continuous emphasis on highly-personalized marketing materials designed not only to help prospects understand the potential value of your solution to their company, but also to create a best-in-class customer experience that gives the prospects a taste of what they could expect in working with your team.

Because account based marketing by nature focuses on a limited number of targeted contacts within a designated account, creating these highly-personalized experiences does not require tremendous effort on the part of your marketing team. In fact, one simple way to create a unique customer experience for target accounts is to personalize the on-site experience. Custom landing pages, replete with account-specific images, copy, and offers (as you will see in the next section), makes the experience more personal and allows the prospective client to extract maximum value from the content toward which you have driven them.

#2. Create Offers Designed to Land a Meeting

One aspect of that custom landing page should be a specific offer made exclusively for the target account. Typically, this would not be your traditional sales offer of a discount or free trial of your solution. Instead, you want to focus on value-adding offers that cost the prospect nothing but get your sales team valuable face-time with key decision makers.

Such offers may include consultations, assessments, audits, and critical insider data such as competitor insights and comparisons, which tend to have high success rates.

#3. Take an “All-Hands-on-Deck” Approach to Finding Connections

Account based marketing unquestionably unifies sales and marketing, but the truth is, to successfully explore every possible “in” to an account, your business should take an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to relationship building.

That means connections to your target prospects do not need to just come from a member of marketing or sales; it could be an engineer who previously worked there, or an intern whose uncle runs a customer service team. The seeds of a new relationship can come from anywhere, and uncovering the potential avenues is likely easier than you think. Here is what you should do:

  • Send a company-wide email asking all employees to check their LinkedIn connections for anyone who currently works for the target company.
  • Ask any employees with connections to email:
    • a link to their connection’s profile
    • a quick explanation of how your employee knows the prospect
    • a simple “yes” or “no” on whether they would be willing to help facilitate an introduction
  • Set a reasonable due date for responses and consider even gamifying the process with potential prizes

You may be surprised to find how many of your employees deliver potential opportunities to start a conversation that would have otherwise gone uncovered had you not asked.

Account based marketing

#4. Set-up Google Alerts to Stay on-top of Company News

To offer target companies a “white-glove” customer experience, there is no room for missing key events or goings-on within your key accounts. Fortunately, the process of keeping up with press releases and news articles about the businesses in your account based marketing approach can be simply automated using Google Alerts.

Google Alerts allow you to enter a specific keyword or phrase (like your target company’s name, or even the names of your key prospects within that account) and receive daily email alerts with any new mentions of the keyword online.

Staying on-top of the important events within key accounts can be something you do while drinking your morning coffee. As soon as something of note happens, you can send over a quick congratulatory email to demonstrate your readiness and attention to their business.


These four techniques are great for seasoned ABM professionals and new marketers alike. However, successful account based marketing also relies on the right technology.

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