3 Ways Data Quality Builds a Strong Foundation for Your ABM Strategy

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a hot trend in B2B marketing right now, and plenty of sales and marketing teams are jumping on board. Without a solid framework of support, tools, and expertise, ABM is more than a buzzword.

Infographic: The (Often Overlooked) Key to ABM Success

Before taking the plunge into ABM, consider these three ways high-quality data can strengthen your strategy.

1. It narrows your focus to key accounts.

ABM success does not depend on the size of the net you cast, but on the quality of the fish you catch. Cutting corners with poor quality lead data will waste significant time and resources focusing on accounts that ultimately go nowhere.

Successful ABM campaigns require significant effort and honed, individualized attention on each targeted account. With complete, reliable, and standardized data, your sales and marketing teams can focus more time and resources on select accounts with a better ROI.

2.  It enables the creation of highly-relevant content.

Useful, reliable data is imperative for successful persona-driven marketing. According to HiP, behaviorally targeted ads are 2x more effective than non-targeted ads.

Your clients are experts at being marketed to, and they know when they are receiving something mass-produced. Sending them highly-relevant, personalized content backed up by clear, reliable firmographic data will help your efforts stand out.

3. It proves its own worth.

In survey results published by Alterra Group, 97% of marketers reported achieving a higher ROI with ABM than any other marketing initiative. However, only 78% of those marketers reported measuring the ROI of ABM to any extent, revealing a significant disconnect in the ability to prove and articulate exactly why ABM works for their organization.

If ABM efforts are built on a foundation of strong data, marketers can verify important metrics such as client satisfaction and engagement in standardized ways that can be tracked, reported and analyzed over time.

Completeness and reliability of marketing data is one of the most easily overlooked keys to a successful ABM strategy. Want a step-by-step guide to building a data-driven ABM strategy you can count on? Check out our infographic outlining 5 data-driven steps to strengthen your ABM strategy.

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