3 Takeaways from CMWorld 2016 and How Data Comes into Play

By Erin Fraboni

If you’re like us, you’re probably having major Content Marketing World withdrawals. Sipping cocktails along the Cuyahoga River, singing along to Cheap Trick, and listening to the legendary Mark Hamill give the closing keynote are just a few of our favorite memories. Looking back, not only are we taking home with us all the memories and new connections, but also the endless amount of information and insights shared by all of the leading content marketing influencers who attended.

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As much as we wanted to attend each and every CMWorld session and workshop, we could only be in so many places at once. But despite having to pick and choose our sessions, we left with no shortage of information.

Here are our top three takeaways from CMWorld 2016.

1. Content should help customers make better decisions.

“Sweeping Changes in B2B Content and Why” featured panel speakers in B2B marketing discussing the B2B content landscape and how B2B organizations should create evocative and engaging content for their customers.

The panel shared their B2B content creation strategies, highlighting the importance of delivering content that engages and informs. The speakers also emphasized the importance of creating content for each stage of the sales funnel, delivering personalized content for each decision maker and at each stage of the funnel.

2. Align content to the buyer’s pain points/challenges.

Ardath Albee discussed in her session, “How to Use Content to Maximize the B2B Buying Process”, the best ways to streamline B2B content to meet the needs of the customer. She highlighted the importance of creating content that helps the customer address existing problems.

Quality content that focuses on the pain points and challenges of the customer and demonstrates how to solve these problems is tremendously more effective than churning out too much content that doesn’t resonate with the customer at all. Quality over quantity is key when it comes to B2B content.

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3. Data automation makes content more measurable.

Ellen Gomes of Marketo discussed how data automation can help organizations deliver better content in “Using Marketing Automation to Get the Most Value out of Your Content.” Marketing automation tools listen for certain “triggers,” which listen for customer behavior, she explained. Evaluating customer behavior helps us deliver relevant, personalized content that nudges the customer along each stage of the buying process.

Data automation also helps you understand the impact of your content, making your content strategy more measurable, especially helpful when asking for a higher budget or adjusting your strategy, for example.

“Marketing automation is how you can be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.” – Ellen Gomes, Marketo

Where Data Comes into Play

When people think data automation, they think leads, opportunities, MQLs, SQLs, etc., so if you’re a content marketer, you might not think of data automation management as being within your domain. However, data is a critical component of content strategy. Data allows you to:

  • Accurately segment customers. Customer segmentation allows you to separate contacts based on lead quality and determine which types of content are needed for each segment. You may need to create brand awareness with one piece of content, while the purpose of another piece is to address a specific customer pain point.
  • Evaluate customer behavior. What kind of content are your customers engaging with? Data can show you, allowing you to act on those behaviors and create more content that resonates with customers.
  • Identify target personas. Demographic and firmographic information taken from data helps you deliver content personalized for your targeted accounts and buyer personas.
  • Measure the impact. How well did your content perform? On which social channels did it resonate the most? Use data to see how well and where content is performing.

Don’t overlook the power of data when it comes to content. Data automation and data quality can have a major impact on your content strategy, so if you’re curious to see how you can start using data to act on your CMWorld takeaways, let us offer you a complimentary data analysis to get started.

To learn more about our products, request a demo or read on about how data fuels content marketing.

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